Sunday, 4 August 2013

Honeyeaters and reading

I sat on a stool and waited a few minutes, then pointed the camera and kept shooting, hoping I had at least one of the brown honeyeater.

 You will need to click to enlarge this photo to see the small bird in the centre top.

 This is a closeup - a very insignificant looking bird, only about 10 cm long.  there are at least half a dozen singing away all day with very loud trilling calls.  They sound so cheerful
This is the very unkempt jungle of a garden bed which desperately needs cutting right back, but while the birds are loving it, I am leaving it completely alone.

I am still making slow progress - well, I think so anyway, though my physio says I am doing well.  I have spent a lot of time on the bed reading over the past few weeks.  I bought a Kindle just before I went away and I have very ambivalent feelings about it.  It is beautifully light and compact to carry, and I can read easily with my crummy eyesight but I do like the feeling of holding a book and being able to flick easily back and forth as you are reading.  I suspect if I knew a bit more about managing the Kindle, I could do that with it also, but so far I haven't learnt how.  There is one feature I am really in love with and that is the dictionary.  If I come across a word in the text I don't really understand, I simply press on that word and up pops a dictionary with the definition - clever.  I think when I am at home I am more likely to borrow books from the library, but when I travel I will certainly be loading up my Kindle to take with me.

Today is a beautiful spring day of glorious sunshine so I am off out into the garden for a while.  Hopefully soon I will have enough inspiration to get back into my sewing room.


  1. I know it's frustrating but I think slow and steady progress is best and more likely to be sustained. Keep up the good work.
    I haven't got a Kindle and can see that they have advantages, but you can't beat a real book.
    Love that little streamlined honeyeater and your 'unkempt' garden bed looks beautiful to me - great pics as usual.
    Make haste slowly!

  2. Nice upbeat post Robin - how I would love to have those bee-eaters in my garden.

  3. I have just been to the physio, she rather attacked my knee and now I have to roll a rolling pin over it! I presume to break up adhesions. Not terribly comfortable. I like my kindle as a light weight portable device, but do still like a book. What one did you get? Mine is fairly basic as fire was much too heavy.

  4. Lovely honeyeater and how nice that you are letting the birds enjoy your garden. I can see the advantage of a kindle for travel but I find that I can't read from the screen for any length of time and I so love the feel of a real book.

    Keep up the good work and your recovery will soon be complete.

  5. I can see the benefits of a kindle, one day I'll join the 21st c! Nothing like the feel & smell of a good book tho.
    Glad you are getting there slowly but surely with the new knee & what a fab pic of the honeyeater. I always let my birds have the cover of a wild border - yours is beautiful, then how satisfying is it to cut back & clean up ready for it all to come again. Hopefully you'll be more supple by the time the works has to be done ;)


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