Sunday, 25 August 2013

Book week parade again

I can't believe another year has flown by and the children's book week parade has come around again.  This year the theme was 'space' and there were some really creative costumes.  They are all supposed to relate to children's books, but many of them these days are from film and television

 I can't separate the top two photos.  Bente is the librarian who has been organising this parade for many years, and it is getting bigger all the time.  The two primary schools in Walkerston participate, you can see how the children enjoy themselves.  Lots of the teacher dress up as well, just to add to the fun.
 The child in the silver box won a prize, but I have no idea what the book was - I am very unfamiliar with children's books these days.
 Our grandson Hamish, on the right, is an Alien who loves underpants - an absolutely brilliant children's book according to his mother.
 This boy needed a guide, he won a prize too.
 Alexander, in the centre is the Australian astronaut, Thomas ?  I am ashamed to say I have forgotten his name. You can see more aliens who love underpants behind them.  They won a prize, and would have had fun cleaning the paint off before classes resumed for the day.
 These three musketeers won a prize too, but I am not sure that their costumes were home made!
The green man from outer space also won a prize.

All in all, a fun day.  The weather was perfect and thank goodness there were no heavy transports driving  past as the parade was processing.  Unfortunately this area has become a major highway for heavy traffic to and from the mining are in the hinterland so the road can no longer be closed for the hour of the procession. 


  1. A wonderful array of costumes. It is really good to see how this has grown, even if they can no longer close the road.

  2. Some of those costumes are really innovative and I can just imagine the excitement mounting as the children wait for the parade to start. Congratulations to the prize winners. Your grandsons looked very good in their costumes - clever Mum!

  3. Fabulous costumes & those bees were amazing - not sure I'd have been brave enough to take the pic ;)


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