Sunday, 28 July 2013

Settling down after chaos

At last I can get near my computer for more than a few minutes so I have time to load a new post!
We arrived home last Tuesday afternoon, I was pretty tired, but the airline staff were wonderful and really helped me move round the airport and onto the plane.
Bill had told me as we were coming home that there would be a conference meeting in our office on Friday for 6 people for about 6 hours!  I was a bit devastated at first, but over the moon when I realised he had to clean up all the mess - every flat surface in our very large office had about two feet of stuff on top of it!  By Friday it was all empty - mind you, quite a bit had been transferred into my sewing room, but that has all come out again now.  There were a couple of trips to the dump and our bins were full.
I managed to go up and down the stairs numerous times carrying catering stuff upstairs, then I collapsed in a heap and read a book in between doing my exercises.  My knee is bending very much better and is not as painful.  I think I was a bit slack with the exercises in Buderim.
My sister has a beautiful garden - this camelia was almost finished, but still had some lovely flowers.
 I am not sure which begonia this is, but it is making a really good display
 This old fashioned pyrostegia makes a spectacular display for a couple of months at this time of the year.  Barb's daughter disapproves as she says it is a weed, in fact she thinks most of the plants in Barb's garden are weeds!  They certainly make lovely eye candy though.
 We had one really magnificent day while I was down there so we went for a drive to Alexandra Headland to take some photos.  I was even able to get out and walk a bit as  the surface was very even and not very sloped.  If you double click on the photos they should enlarge.
I wish I could get a photo on the brown honeyeaters which are filling our garden here with lovely - and very loud song all day.  They are only little and very nondescript, but they are very welcome with their cheery song.  They move so fast I haven't a hope of focussing to take a photo.


  1. Glad you are getting on with things, lovely photos.

  2. I'm so glad that you are getting on so well. I'm sorry that I missed your previous post, Blogloving has missed out one or two people's recently. Alexandra Headland looks beautiful, so does your sister's garden. As far a I am concerned, as long as weeds look pretty and don't get too thuggish, they can stay.

  3. Sounds like you are healing and getting stronger day by day! Yay! Keep up those exercises.

  4. Lovely images and great news that you are able to get around with lessening pain each day. You are obviously being a good girl and doing your exercises.


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