Monday, 12 August 2013

Time to move - and I am frustrated again!

We have had this elkhorn in the garden for well over 30 years, but unfortunately the tree died several years ago.

We have had the trunk propped up, but it was just about rotted through so Bill had to cut the elkhorn in half to remove it

 Here it is on the ground
and here it is tied onto its new support - after much heaving and a few words said!  I was standing pushing and supporting for simply ages.  The props are only there till the ground hardens up around the base of the pole.  We thought the remaining base of the tree would simply push out of the ground but not a bit of it,  that is another day's project!

 During the school holidays there were some workshops at the Botanic Gardens for school children to make ceramic tile pictures, which they loved.  These have now been inserted into the walls at the childrens PlayGarden.

I am sure you will all agree they look pretty good.

I Have spent several frustrating hours trying to set up a new blog, signing in with a new email address so that I continue to have contact when my old email address expires.  I spent many fruitless hours trying to change that address with no success whatever.
I really hate what blogger has done to setting up a blog now, it just wants me to share and upload apps and do all sorts of crazy things I have no interest in.  I could not get past that to post a blog, so I came back here and will have to think about what I do next!


  1. An awful lot of wrestling goes on in certain garden tasks, doesn't it? I love the leaves of the elkhorn and it is so aptly named. The mosaic wall the children made is beautiful - they must be very proud of their work.
    Blogger is great in some ways but can really try one's patience at times. Hope you find a way round your problem. Sorry I can't help but I'm still an ignoramus.

  2. Bill was busy, I cant help with blogger problem either, presume you have tried their help.

  3. There is something to be said for being so computer illiterate that every time I want the smallest thing doing I have to ask my son to come round and do it for me!


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