Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Soggy, soggy day

 There is not too much happening around here today - the wet season has made its presence felt well and truly. We have had over 500 mm rain in the last 6 days, 100 of them since midnight and it is only 5.30pm, so there is plenty of time left for lots more before midnight tonight!  these are just two photos I have taken in our garden trying to show the rain - which doesn't really show up at all. 
Of course, today was the day I needed to do a big shop at the supermarket, but at least that is all undercover and I didn't have to brave any flooded roads.  Many of the schools have had to send children home early and some have probably still been caught out by some of the flooded creeks in the district.  This used to be a frequent occurrence in the 1970s, but of course we have had a population explosion since then, and there are some very amazed people at what is happening.  We are nicely high and dry, shouldn't be worried even if there is low level riverine flooding tonight with the high tide.  That really amazed me when I was first married, the idea of two floods a day with the tides was so different from the inland floods I was used to - a couple of days to come up, a couple of days staying up and another couple of days to go down again!
I even went to my water exercise class yesterday in the pouring rain!  We were like drowned rats getting into and out of the undercover swimming pool and it was exceptionally noisy with rain beating on an iron roof!
Now I had better go to look at the pickled pork I have cooking for our dinner tonight.  I have done a bit more creating, but nothing much to show yet.


  1. Save all the surplus water and you can sell it to us Brits who are facing hosepipe bans any minute now! Glad you are high and dry, but I can see how soggy your garden is. It will look so lush when the sun decides to shine again.

  2. Sorry to hear that there is so much rain there for you but glad that you won't suffer from flooding.

  3. You certainly have managed to be under one huge cloud Robin. Thankfully, not the same damage as Townsville. It's just drizzling here now. LOVE pickled pork, yummy.

  4. Oh my goodness....500mm??!! As Heather says, can you send some over here please?
    Glad to hear you still managed to get to your swimming class though.

  5. We've had such a wet winter up here & down south they are parched! Madness. Now, finally it's sunny & I will enjoy it while it lasts ;)

    Beautiful samples below, I'm sure you'll put them to good use. The swimming class sounds great!


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