Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Mad Hatters' Parade

I have to share this photo of our youngest grandson Hamish in the Mad Hatters parade at his school.  The children made the hats at school - with a lot of dedicated help from the teachers I would say, and then the Grade 1 and Grade 2 children paraded before the rest of the school - and doting parents!
 Hamish is on the right.  You should be able to click or double click to see the photos better.

This is the lovely page I have just received from Janny in the Netherlands - the last page in this round of swaps.  I can't believe the year has gone so quickly.  This year is vanishing before my eyes, a quarter of the year gone already - scary thought!

Absolutely fabulous weather here at present, lovely cool nights and sunny days with not too much breeze.  Too nice to stay indoors so I am off to fertilise some of the plants in my garden.  I hope you are all enjoying the weather you like.


  1. Love the hats! Glad it is cooling down and the weather is pleasant. Its not too bad here but I am a bit 'off' not sure why although the arthritis in my right wrist ahs been an absolute pain. Not sure about this old age bit, up one day down the next!

  2. Love the hats and what a fun idea.
    We are hoping the past three weeks have not been our summer! Heating and cardigans back on again.
    Lovely page and yes, isn't this year already flying?
    Enjoy your gardening - I might do some more weeding later.

  3. Love the hat Hamish.

    We have had ten days of warm weather with wall to wall sunshine. It has been glorious. Now it has turned much colder, with a sharp breeze from the North, although there is still sunshine. Had we not had such warm weather we would think today was lovely!

  4. Love the hats. The weather today has still been hot but I think it's about to change. I did some weeding today so hope you enjoyed your gardening. That's a lovely page.

  5. What a cool hat, and a lovely photo of Hamish. The children love 'dress-up' don't they.

    I love the page from Janny, and of course in such lovely colours. It is hard to believe that swap is finished. I really enjoyed it, and I didn't even participate!!

    Our day today is simply glorious, last night a little chilly, but an absolutely beautiful morning. Made my 6km walk seem effortless. Take care.


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