Monday, 12 March 2012

More pages

 This is the second last month for this round of page swaps.  Above is the one I sent to Peggy in USA - her theme is shades of pink
and this one came to me from Anne in Germany.  She has used inchies on pieces of felt, and some lovely embroidery around them all.
I don't have anything else to show you yet, I am working on my April page to send away, but can't show it yet.
I have been back to have the stitches out of my hand, which is working very well, so I am thrilled about t hat.  However, I had a big whinge about my right knee which has not improved at all so the upshot is that I shall have a total knee replacement on 5th June.  That gives me three months to sort my head around it all, time to exercise and strengthen my leg muscles, and then nearly 4 months before we want to go away on a holiday!  Sounds easy when said like that, I hope it works like that in real life.  It will be done here in Mackay, I don't have to travel away and I have great faith in my surgeon.  He replaced a knee for a friend of ours a couple of weeks ago and Arthur was walking without a crutch in five days.  I hope I can do the same.


  1. Lovely pages Robin, and great news about your hand. Not so good about your knee but I know of several people here in the UK who have had replacements and all have been a great success. It sounds as if your timetable for the year will fit in well with it. Hope the pain is not too bad.

  2. Lovely work.

    Ouch about your knee, good luck in June, it's all positive. Great about your hand, tho.

  3. Such lovely pages Robin, thanks for sharing the beauty.

    Pleased the hand is working again, and I wish you well for the impending knee replacement. I daresay you will feel like a new person. It's been a real trial for you lately, so something positive is good. I hope that time is kind to you.......LOL..

  4. Glad to hear about the hand, it seems to be recovering well. My 78 year old friend with the knee replacement is doing well, but it has taken 6 months. I am sure you are younger and fitter.
    My ships are about 8 ins long and 10 ins high, havent done an accurate measurement.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my coursework blog. I think the aim is to stretch our imagination, be more innovative and make use of materials we have to hand rather than go out and buy more.

  6. Lovely pages Robin. So glad that the hand has worked out well. Pity you have to have the knee done but I'm sure you will be galloping around like a spring chicken when it's done. (I think I mixed my metaphors a little there!)

  7. Great pages Robin, you are going to end up with a nice collections by the look of these. Glad you hand is good, and good luck with the knee.


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