Saturday, 17 March 2012

I am on a mission

I have all these pieces and more sitting on the end of my workbench - I pull them out and look at them...and look a bit more...and put them back again.  but NO more.  They need to be used and I need to make a lot of souvenirs

 I am sure everyone has a stash of pieces waiting to be used - I don't think these even qualify as UFO's, but they will turn into something.
 The piece on the left was part of a sample for Playways many moons ago - I haven't thrown anything out yet, but I think I shall be soon, I am getting desperate for storage space!
These papers can be jazzed up and used for covers I am, watch this space!
We have been getting lovely rain for the last few days, badly needed as we haven't had a proper wet season yet, but I am a bit sick of it now, and the forecast for Monday is for anywhere between 100 and 300 mm.  I am supposed to be going to a water exercise class on Monday morning - not sure I want to if the rain is as heavy as that.  This class is supposed to be helping me build up my muscles in preparation for the knee surgery.  There are about 40 in the class and some of them are in a really bad way, so I don't feel sorry for myself when I am there.  At least my knee will get better, the ones with MS are very unlikely to.


  1. Nice to read you again Robin Mac. I think we all have bits and pieces - sometimes I see something so clever that someone has made from a small snippet and I think - why didn't I think of that.

    I know what you mean about your exercise class - I have a knee which is quite bad but when I see friends hobbling about in a worse state, it makes me quite upbeat about my own problems.

    The rain sounds horrendous.

  2. What gorgeous fabrics and papers you have Robin, and I know you'll turn them into beautiful souvenirs.
    If you get all the rain that's forecast you wont need to go to the water exercise class! I used to go to one and found it very good, except it was on at 9.00pm and that was a bit late for me.

  3. Ooh Robin, I can see lots of items to sell being made from those gorgeous pieces. Enjoy your water exercise class.

  4. We seem to be falling apart! I try to be positive but everything seems to take so much more time these days. I am sure you will do lovely things with these pieces. My problem is I have used up most of my bits and pieces and now have to think about making more!

  5. Oh Robin, don't throw anything out - you'll regret it. You could always make some lovely cards and gift tags with the pieces - or just mount a small piece in a scrap album with details on how you did it - so lovely to loook back at on rainy, gloomy days ;-)

  6. Sorry I've been AWOL Robin. Thankfully, I can report some 'sensible' rain here, just right in fact. I heard you were under a 'big' cloud.

    Your pieces are all simply beautiful Robin, and I'm sure in time you will make something spectacular and useful with all of them. I love those painted papers, such glorious colours.

    I do hope the exercises will benefit your leg for the impending surgery. It can't hurt I suppose. It's easy to feel badly done by until you see what others have to contend with, but it doesn't make it any easier to get through your day when the pain hits. Take care. Thinking of you.

  7. These are all lovely...and definitely deserve your attention ;-)
    I especially like that blue piece (on the right of top picture).

  8. Super colorful pieces Robin, they cheers one up! I am sure you make something nice out of them!


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