Wednesday, 8 June 2011

More swaps

Only a very quick and short post tonight. This is the page I have sent Ati for the Fibre Fever swap for June.  Her theme was an impression of our favourite painter.  I am not sure that Sir Sydney Nolan is necessarily my favourite painter, though I do like many of his works, other than the Ned Kelly series which don't inspire me at all. 
This is the painting I was using as my page.
This is a birthday card I have sent to Helina, which she has now received and likes.  I am using up some of my old samples and adding a bit extra to them - much better than letting them languish in a drawer.
Not much time for blogging just now, I need to write up some minutes of a meeting to send out tomorrow, then a book delivery for the library and then pack!
I am off to Brisbane on Friday, yippee.  Should have lots of pictures to show you next week of lots of goodies at the Textile Fair.  Some of the pictures I have seen of the Art U Wear competition for this year look spectacular, can't wait to see them.


  1. Two lovely pieces Robin. I do like being able to use up old samples. As you say, it seems such a shame that they remain only samples, particularly when they are as lovely as this

  2. PS. Just paid a visit to the textile Art Festival website. I am always amazed at what people come up with.

  3. Your interpretation of that painting is wonderful Robin, and what a good idea to add to samples and make something from them. Have a great time in Brisbane and show us all the goodies you bought in your next post!

  4. Two more examples of your lovely work Robin, thanks for finding the time this week to share them, always nice to see what you have made. I wish you a happy and safe trip, and I really hope the weather man is WRONG - ahhhhhh, supposed to be windy, rainy, and awful where you are going. I hope that is not going to happen. Have fun. Bring on the photos next week.........


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