Friday, 17 June 2011

Quilts at show

Grrrrr, I am frustrated, I want to show you the Circus Berserkus which I have made into a slide show, but I can't manage to upload it in a working order!
My sister and I did a nuno felting class with Wendy Bailye which was fantastic.  Here are a couple of photos of the scarves which were produced in the three hour course.  I want ot have a go at another one tomorrow - hopefully pictures later

Here is a collage of art quilts made by Julie Haddrick, a South Australian textile artist. Her work is lovely.
Time to go and get clothes off the line and do some watering, but I was determined to master at least some of the photos in Picasa.  Tomorrow I will have another go at uploading the slide show.  Hopefully these photos will enlarge if you click.Posted by Picasa


  1. Those nuno felt scarves are so beautiful and elegant. The art quilts are stunning and remind me of why I am not a quilter! I would want to produce work like that and it's way beyond my capabilities.

  2. Those scarves are beautiful Heather, as is Julie Haddrick's work

  3. Scarves are just gorgeous Robin. I love Julie Haddricks' work, and I seem to think I have a pattern or two in the cupboard. I'm enjoying the things you've got to share.


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