Saturday, 18 June 2011


I do hope this will enlarge. Bernina invited several artists to make an art quilt each, then the image of the quilt was tattood onto the front of a Bernina sewing machine.  The artists were (from left of top row) - Cindy Jackson, Caroline Sarkey, Kim Bradley, Ruth Osborn, then on the bottom, Cindy Jackson' quilt, Stephanie Newman, Cheryl Bridgart and Val Moore.  They looked really superb, I am not sure what is happening with the machines now.
I still haven't had time to work out how to upload the video but I have another collage of small quilts from ATASDA for a VIVID challenge - this is only a small selection of all the quilts which were entered, they were mindblowing in their diversity.

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  1. How great to have machine like that. I just love those birds. Thanks so much for sharing some of the wonderful quilts you saw, even if it did take several posts.

  2. Those quilts are marvellous beyond words Robin. You are quite right about the talent in Australia. I would love to see them 'in the flesh'.

  3. What a great idea!! I like the colour Caroline Sharkey uses, and I've been a Ruth Osborne fan for a long time - her clothing pieces are stunning.

  4. these were brilliant and I loved them all

  5. Love your photo of all the quilts Robin...just stumbled across it today.....I didn't get to see them all for real but I have my machine taking pride and place in my studio here in
    I will be teaching in Mackay at the Bernina shop on Nov 9th if you are around to meet....Caroline


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