Sunday, 19 June 2011

Qld Quilters Association quilts

This is the last collage, I hope I haven't bored you too much - you don't have to read it of course if you don't wish to.  The yellow quilt at the top centre is by Linda Robertus who is featured in the latest Quilting Arts magazine.  There were a lot more quilts than shown here and they were wonderful to look at - but I still don't want to be a quilter!
I read on Dale's  blog that she didn't feel the show had the excitement it should have.  I am sad that I am never likely to have the opportunity to attend Ally Pally to see the zing she was talking about, but for someone who is only able to go as far as Brisbane for a show, I found this year's event to be inspiring.  I am so glad they have started feeaturing classes again - last year they had none, and I found lots of stalls selling stuff I had never before seen.  I know the show could be improved but I am so glad it happened again this year, and I certainly hope it continues again next year.  Of course, one of the highlights for me was meeting up with Dale again and watching Jacinta and Dale having fun playing in the Artists' working area.
I need to get back to the nuno felted scarf I have been making today - I have made it too wide, but I have learnt a lot - and I think I can remember most of what we were taught in Wendy Bailye's class!
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  1. Definitely not bored. Linda Robertus has a very distinctive style. Ally Pally is good but very overcrowded.

  2. Hope your felting goes well Robin, good luck with it. I'm feeling a tad too chilly to bother with it until the summer comes. Thanks again for sharing all the outstanding work you saw. That quilt with the shoes is really out there. My love of shoes makes it a standout!! I'd be happy too if I could just get to Brisbane ONCE!!


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