Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Good news, and maybe!

At long last my opthalmologist can see a bit of improvement in my left eye - after 22 injections!!  I shall continue to have them in the hope there will be much more improvement.   Meanwhile I have bought a new daylight magnifyinf light for using with my machine, as well as a magnifier to attach to it.  Brilliant.  I can see to thread the needle and I have also realised I can now see the computer screen on my other machine with the light!!  there will be no stopping me soon - I shall have to get the manual out to learn how to program the stitches a bit better.
All of that will have to wait till after the long weekend in June.  I am going to the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane and the program looks very exciting.  I just hope I can walk and stand.  My knee is still a bother, and the jury is out on what is the cause, apart from the sever osteo-arthritis.  My orthapod ordered blood tests to rule out gout, but my chiropractor doesn't think gout is the answer as I didn't yell when he touched my knee the day it happened.  Apparently with gout you can't bear even the slightest touch.  Oh well, the blood tests may come back negative.  I have had a cortisone injection which is supposed to have miraculous effects till after the Festival.  The jury is still out on that too, it is good sometimes and horrible others!

Meantime I have managed to make another couple of glasses cases using slightly different techniques this time, and using up samples I have made for other things.  This is silk paper from silk hankies in the top one.

This one has a base of painted brown paper with some Nepalese silk threads tesed out on top, then a maroon piece of net applied over the top and stitching.  I think this may be a bit more durable for all the handling a glasses case gets.
I have made a couple of other things yet, but can't show them till the recipients tell me they have received them.


  1. Very encouraging news about your eye and I hope your knee responds to treatment for you. Love the spectacles cases - beautiful colours and workmanship as usual.

  2. Nice to know the eye issue is improving, albeit slowly. Sorry if you can't get complete relief from the troublesome knee. It took three weeks for cortisone to help a foot problem I had a few years ago, so hang in there. Hope you enjoy the festival, and see lots of interesting techniques. I love both glasses cases, but the latter is my favourite. I like hearing about the uses for brown paper. Take care.

  3. No not Queensland until late June early July this year. Glad to see you are having some improvement in your eye and I am afraid that whatever is wrong with your knee will take time, just seems to be the nature of the beast, plus I hate to say it, age!!
    Love your last glasses case.

  4. Ouch Robin....22 injections. How did I miss the trouble with your eye. Must have been when the computer was down. Do your it improves soon. I Like the two glasses cases. Might see you at the Textile show.

  5. Hi Robin, I have come from Shirley's blog. The injections sound ghastly, but as long as they help? I am loving your techniques you are using in the glasses cases. We are going to learn making silk paper in Aug. at our Art Quilt group. Looking forward to that. Thanks for sharing. Dianne.

  6. Good news that your eye is improving, I do hope that the knee follows suit. Beautiful glasses cases as usual, I particularly like the peacock coloured one.

  7. You make such beautiful things Robin (I have been scrolling through your past posts).
    I do hope your eye continues to improve....
    Linda :-)

  8. Your glass cases are beautiful! You would never know you deal with a eye problem. I hope your eye continues to improve. That osteo-arth is a "real Pain!" I hope you have some relief soon.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and the good wishes. Jim continues to be cancer free. It has been a long road and we aren't free yet, but it is so much better.


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