Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Birthday cards and fabric pages

I belong to a birthday card swap within the Fibre-fever group and these cards were sent off to Ulla and Angelique a couple of weeks ago.
And this one went to Janny.  I have been using up bits of old samples and I am having trouble remembering just what I initially did with some of them - that will teach me to take better notes and keep them all together!

Blogger is not co-operating again tonight, but at least I have finally managed to upload the photos, I couldn't get anything to load yesterday.
The fabric page above I sent to Anne, whose theme is Oriental - Persian of Indian.  I was casting around for an idea when I saw an Indian cushion looking very similar to this page.
My page from Peggy is another good one to add to my collection with the theme of blue/green.  I chose a very easy theme, but this month I have to make one linking to my favourite painter!  I am not quite sure who that is yet, I change my mind depending on how I feel - and I think for this exercise my favourite painter will be someone whose work I can depict reasonably easily!


  1. Thanks for your comments Robin, much appreciated.
    Lovely cards - the people who receive them should be happy!

  2. All are lovely and use up those samples we have. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  3. Beautiful cards and fabric pages Robin. You must all have a lovely collection of each already. Looking forward to 'seeing' your favourite painter.

  4. Lovely cards Robin, all so colourful. I like both your pages too. The blue/green theme is ideal really. I'm not into 'artists' so much, so would find it hard to choose a style. Sorry I've been away from computer for this week. Tried to do this yesterday, but Blogger was having some issues.


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