Saturday, 7 May 2011

A hard life to take to take

blogger is not co-operating very well this afternoon, perhaps not wanting to show what a perfect day the partners had on Thursday.  The annual Sugar Cane Technologists conference has just finished and the partners enjoyed a wonderful day having lunch at Coral Sea Resort at Airlie Beach.  We had a barbecue on the jetty and just look at the wonderful weather and the view!!!!!

There were tables set up under a canopy on the jetty, I forgot to take any photos of the chefs barbecuing steak and fish etc for us.

The sea really is that colour.

Here are some of the desserts on offer - dieting is starting today.
I tried to make a slide show to let you see some more of what happened, but I am not very successful at that either, I think I need another couple of hours which I don't have to spare, to maybe manage to learn the technique - another time perhaps.
We son't do the 'tourist things' in our local area unless we have visitors with us, I really enjoyed visiting some of the local attractions and all the visiting partners had a fantastic time - that is the best advertising the tourist industry could possible have.  So many people still think the whole of Queensland has been destroyed by the floods or cyclone, they simply are not visiting.  Our highly valued dollar is sending them all oveerseas instead.  Look what they are missing.  I will show a bit more tomorrow maybe.


  1. Glad the conference went so well Robin. Queensland looks like everyone's idea of a tropical paradise and would get my vote for a holiday location. Gorgeous views and perfect weather. Maybe Mother Nature is trying to make up for giving you such a hard time in recent months.

  2. Looks fantastic Robin, Wish I was there and not here where it is cold and gloomy. I think your photos came out well.

  3. Everything looks wonderful Robin. I am so pleased the rains have stopped and you could all enjoy the best NQ has to offer. I think your photos are lovely. The sweets look yummy, and hard to resist I'd say. Thanks heaps for brightening my morning. Hope your Mothers' Day is a pleasant.


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