Sunday, 15 May 2011

Busy, busy, busy

What a week this has been - after a busy week last week as well!  I have been sewing madly as nearly all my souvenirs sold at the Botanic Gardens last weekend and we needed more for a stall at the Palm & Cycad Fete today!  Then I managed to do something to my knee on Tuesday so that I not only could not walk, it was agonising even to move my leg in any direction - and this was less than an hour before I was due for another injection in my eye!  Thank goodness for my mother's walking stick to use as a crutch with Bill on the other side.  We made it for the injection, then off to the chiropractor, three times in 24 hours and he had me walking again.  I hope it never returns.

I had fun making the handmade felt brooches, not sure if they will sell or not, but worth a try for something different.

Glasses cases are always popular and I love the way you can make the finished article look completely different even when you start with exactly the same base.  The top one has a green chiffon scarf over it, the bottom one a red.

I am trying out some sunshade too, which people seemed to like this morning.

And this is what we were setting up for this morning - I was out there by 5.45am, in the dark and very cold!  Winter has come in with a bang here, I realise it is not cold to the southerners, but 8 degrees is definitely cold to us in the tropics - especially when coupled with a very sneaky breeze.
This is a huge affair and several thousand people come to purchas all the goodies on offer - especially some beautiful bromeliads.  My knee was still too sore to go walking far, but the stall next to us had some lovely lemons and limes so I have a supply to make some marmalade - more busy times ahead!


  1. Hi Robin
    Hope you are feeling better?
    Lovely work as usual.

  2. Super post Robin with all your lovely 'souvenirs' - I'm sure they'll all sell. Glad you got treatment for your knee - what would we do without chiropractors? After such a warm, almost hot April, May seems decidedly chilly at times. Good luck with everything. Homemade marmalade - irresistible!

  3. Oh you poor dear. I do hope you are feeling a lot better. I just love your felt brooches, and you do satin stitch so well. Keep well

  4. Wonderful things. I hope you knee is better. Why is it that those things happen when we don't have time for them?

  5. I do hope that you are feeling better by now. I am sure that you managed to sell most, if not all, of the beautiful items. The felt brooches are gorgeous.

  6. I can relate to the knee, hope it gets better soon. Oh would have loved some bromeliads and your sunshades look great, wonderful idea.

  7. Hi Robin, so sorry to hear about your knee injury [??], and I do hope it never returns!! You are a Britain though to push through to get so much done for your beloved Gardens' committee fundraising. I love the souvenirs you make, they are all so well made and useful. Yes, winter seems to have come early this year hasn't it. Looks like it will be a glorious day here today. I have used limes to make 'lime butter', and I can tell you, the bottles just walked out the door in minutes at our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea [a few years ago]. Take care.


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