Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Crafty stuff and cyclones

This year the clever ladies from Three Creative Studios have a new challenge going - a creative colour palette.  Each month they will publish a picture with a palette of colours and our challenge is to make something using some or all of those colours.  Most ofthe participants are quilters so some interesting quilt pictures are emerging, but I am most definitely NOT a quilter.

This is my contribution - a notebook cover - I was quite pleased with it.

The technique of the month this time is disperse dyeing.  Their site has an excellent tutorial by Shiela Folgate.  I will try her techniques sometime soon, but I already had some painted papers (painted at least six months ago with Kraftcolour liquid dye) and this is the result ironed onto cheap panne velvet.  I love that stuff as a background.

I also love the way you can completely change the look of the fabric with different treatment on top.  The top case had a yellow chiffon overlay and the bottom one had a red chiffon overlay.

Thee back of the cases show the contrast even better.
I think we are getting our second miracle - the cyclone Yasi is going to miss us almost completely.  But I am very concerned for all our friends in its path further north.  This one is a monster, stretchinf across over 1,000 kilometres and with wind speed of about 280 km hour near the centre - and it is still deepening.  We certainly live in a country of extremes.  We got alll our window shutters out ready last night, but decided today to hold fire as we only look like having winds of about 60 - 70 km hour.  Our biggest worry is losing power.  All our power comes from further north and in all likelihood a feeder will be damaged, leaving us powerless for however many days it takes Ergon to find the fault and fix it.  I guess we shouldn't complain, we will at least still have a house - and we do have a small generator.  On that cheery note I am going off to read some other blogs.


  1. That's a beautiful natural colour palette Robin and I love what you have done with it. Love your fabric and paper cases too. Glad the cyclone has passed you by and hope your friends will be safe. You are totally at the mercy of the elements when your climate is so volatile. Keep safe.

  2. pleased to hear this RObin - i just checked in to see if you are okay - it sounds really nasty - keep cool

  3. Lovely to see you are into the creating despite the disaster looming to the north. Hope you and your family will stay safe during all of this.

    I love the pieces you've made Robin. I haven't started anything yet, but I did order the complete set of Vicki's dyed pallette, which should arrive in the next week or so. I am not sure if I'll have the time to make anything, but I just wanted her fabrics. She is a world class dyer!!

    Very interested in the transfer dyeing, downloaded the tutorial, but as yet, no time to read/digest it all.

    Take care.

  4. Still seems concerning, We have friends in Cairns but it now seems to be centered over Innisfail. Hope all is well,this one is a monster.

  5. Beautiful creations Robin, glad to hear you are safe !

  6. What fantastic colours in these pieces Robin. Glad to hear from your next post that you have come through unscathed.


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