Friday, 28 January 2011

Final two birthday cards and a small miracle

Angelique made this card for me and was getting quite worried as it took a long time to arrive from France.  It was worth the wait though.

Helga B sent me this interesting card.

I sent this card to Helga F

and this one to Peggy in USA

This one shuld have gone to Helga F, but I mistakenly sent it to Hanna in Austria, having misread the list - silly of me.  However Hanna likes it so that is okay.
I have received 15 lovely cards and they are all so different.  Next I shall make a box to contain them all, so they can be on display.
We have had a small, or maybe large miracle happen here.  I spent ages cleaning my oven - a job I absolutely detest.  Then I cooked a roast in it and found the oven was smoking badly and everything was overcooked, and I needed to clean the oven again the next morning - I said a few unprintable words about that!  Turned out the thermostat had given up.  The oven is 19 years old and in this throwaway society I thought there would be no hope of buying a replacement.  Imagine our amazement when bill went to the appliance spares shop to discover that not only was the part available, but there was one in stock!!!!
We are having the roast pork tonight that we planned to have on Australia Day and I can breathe easily about what I shall cook for my DIL's birthday dinner next week.


  1. All those cards are lovely Robin. I never mind late birthday cards - it makes the fun last longer. Fantastic news about your cooker - almost unbelievable these days. Enjoy your celebrations.

  2. It must be an Aussie thing with Hanna because I sent her fabric page to her but I put someone else in the groups address on the envelope and the Post Office sent it back to me.

  3. What lovely cards you've received Robin, I love them all, and the idea sounds great. Thank goodness you were able to buy a replacement part for your oven, quite remarkable actually. The roast pork sounds wonderful, enjoy!! I am sorry I've been 'quiet' and a poor correspondent of late, this week has been exasperating to say the least. I hope these cyclones are not going to cause you any grief, fingers crossed.

  4. At least getting the lovely cards late extends your birthday. Glad to hear that you were able to get the replacement part.


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