Saturday, 26 February 2011

A proud grandson, a book sample and are they still there?

I have to share a few of the photos I took at Alexander's going up to Cubs ceremony - he was so proud.  He had to be blindfolded and led through an obstacle course to show trust in his fellow cubs - I don't think they had much faith in the plank staying where it was meant to be somehow!

How he is a Cub, no longer a Joey

These are a couple of photos of the samples I have been working on from the free online workshops from Isobell Hall and Maggie Grey's new book.  They are lots of fun, but I don't seem to be able to settle to anything properly just at present..............

Perhaps because of the events over the ditch - I had an email on Thursday saying that Christchurch Botanic Gardens had sustained a huge amount of damage this time, losing lots of its very large trees because of liquefaction causing them to pop out of the ground, taking lots more trees, sculptures and structures with them as they fell

Not sure if these are still there - they were magnificent in November

Amazingly this old conservatory survived unharmed!
The whole tragedy is so awful it does not bear thinking about - we can only hope that somehow they can rebuild their shattered lives.  I would much rather face a category 5 cyclone than an earthquake - at least you have some warning, and when it is gone it is over, not repeating like all the aftershocks.


  1. I love that garden they had the most magnificent magnolia campbellii thereIt is absolutely horrifying.

  2. Lovely pics of your grandson who looks very happy on his special day. How sad to lose all those magnificent trees. I know more can and will be planted but they'll take decades to mature - at least the huge hothouse has survived. It's the awful randomness which is so horrific - just being in the wrong place at the wrong time means the difference between life or death. I don't know anyone in Christchurch but my thoughts are with them all.

  3. Hello Robin, congratulations to Alexander, he has done well. I do love the result of your playing, looks fantastic. I too, have been horrified by the events in NZ, just tragic. As you say, storms give warning, and one can often find adequate shelter, but from things such as this........well........ I love the photographs of the gardens there, and hope most of it survived.

  4. Your grandson looks very happy with his achievement. The book is gorgeous. The trees are stunning and one can only hope that everyone manages to rebuild their lives after this awful tragedy.


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