Saturday, 19 February 2011

Final two fabric book pages

Ritva in finland made this lovely page for me with their national bird emblem, the swan on it.

This was my February page for Margreet in Holland.  Now I need to think about how I shall make them all into a book.  The next round of swaps won'tstart for another month or so yet - probably just as well, I am trying to do too many other bits and pieces.

I have joined the online classes for the Mixed media book which Isobel Hall and Maggie Grey wrote.  So far I have had more failures than successes with what I have been trying to do, but I am qwuite happy with this piece of silk paper made from silk hankies and with fragments applied to it.  Not sure wht I am going to do next with it yet..............I seem to have a lot of pieces like that at present, this year is flying past and I am just dithering and muddling and losing my way with what I am attempting!  I suppose it can only get better!
Our insurance is due for renewal in a few weeks and with all the disasters which have been occurring recently and with all the talk of what is and what is not covered by insurance I have been taking a much keener interest in the fine print of the policy.  I have also taken about 200 photos around the house to try to have pictures of everything we have.  Many years ago a friend of mine had the inside of her house gutted by fire.  To make a  contents claim on her insurance she had to itemise all the contents and put a value on the individual items as well as say when it was bought!!!  Try doing that for everything in your house when it is no longer there and you can't look at it.  We couldn't even remember some of the stuff which is only used once or twice a year.  I suppose that is what all the poor souls who were flooded or lost their houses in the cyclone have been doing.  We will put the photos and a list of contents in the bank deposit box and hope we never need to use it.
Time to get organised for the family to come fora BBQ in a couple of hours.  Cheers


  1. Love those pages Robin - I can almost hear the swans' wings beating. Your fragments on silk paper look good. I have made the fragments, but not got as far as incorporating them into the paper yet. I seem to need a use for things before I can get on and make them. Photographing the house contents is such a sensible idea. Too many of us think 'it won't happen to us' or can't be bothered.

  2. Lovely pages and the silk piece is just so gorgeous. You will find a use for it eventually. Wise words about itemising the house contents.

  3. Love the pages Robin, and the silk paper/fragments project. I'll be watching that develop. I hope you have fun with it.

    It is a good idea to have a photographic inventory of possessions I suppose, as you say, how on earth do you remember everything when you are suffering from the trauma of losing it. We only have a few 'more expensive' things detailed on our insurance, the rest is just supposed to be 'normal stuff', foolish I know.


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