Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cyclone update

We have come through completely unscathed here in Mackay - it was really a non-event for us.  Cairns has been relatively unscathed as well, but spare a thought for the people in Innisfail, Mission Beach, Tully and surrounding districts - they have had a terrible battering.  I have added a link to see some photos, but if you google cyclone Yasi photos you will come up with lots of sites.

Many Innisfail and Mission Beach residents have only just recovered from cyclone Larry 5 years ago.  The cassowary feeding stations will need to be set up again for months as the big birds will starve to death otherwise.  Last time many wonderful volunteers cut up fruit and took it to feeding stations in the forest (sans leaves) to keep life as natural as possible for these gorgeous birds.

The cyclone season does not finish for another two months, let's hope there are no more.


  1. Glad you and yours are all safe. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the cyclone Robin. Property can be replaced in time, but lives are more precious. Lets hope the weather will settle down a bit now it's thrown a tantrum.

  2. Glad that you are ok Robin-I was thinking of you.
    Come and live in Canberra and enjoy the good life.

  3. Good to hear all is well - ignore Doreen - who would want to live in Canberra - West Coast of NZ for me! You could watch regular rugby games as well....


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