Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Queensland floods

This is just a quick post to ask everyone to say a prayer for all the poor souls in Southern Queensland where the flood crisis is getting completely desperate.  There was a wall of water came through the main street of Toowoomba yesterday afternoon, then down the range and through the Lockyer Valley below.  There are at least 8 people dead and another 72 missing.  the rain continues to pour down, with major flloding expected throughout the south east of the state.  The Brisbane river has already broken its banks and parts of the CBD of the State capital are being evacuated.  The worst of the flooding is not due for at least another 24 hours so this is not good.

For us here in Mackay it is very hard to imagine as we have warm, sunny weather and no sign of any storms yet.  Our supermarket shelves will be even emptier, but that is nothing, we can live through that.

Doreen's blog has a link http://www.gumtree-designers.com/2011/01/we-need-your-help.html to Gumtree designers who are oranising an appeal for all of us to help provide kits for the flood victims after the floods have subsided. These would be sewing kits and I think it is a wonderful idea.  If you can help, please follow the link.


  1. Robyn, you do feel helpless at times like this don't you: I spoke to Linda earlier and was reassured that she is ok: most of the roads & bridges are closed but they managed to stock the fridge & freezer so all is well with them. Other friends we visited on our recent trip are also ok which is a comfort.
    I was shoccked to see the effects of the flood in Toowoomba. Such a pretty city.

  2. Robin, I can't believe what is happening. Thankfully, we are fine, and our family and friends in those areas are fine, but oh, what a tragedy, something we hope to never see again. Our river is coming again, and seemingly up to the same level, towns evacuated everywhere, what on earth is going on in our world. One of our patchwork group has lost virtually everything.

  3. I can only try to imagine the scale of this disaster and my thoughts are with all those affected by it. I pray that those rains will stop soon and that people can begin to rebuild their lives.

  4. Yet another terrible freak of nature. Unfortunately they seem to be happening more often. I am glad that you are not affected but terrible for those who are.


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