Friday, 21 January 2011

Fibre Fever January page and some pigeons

This is my January page from Yoke in The Netherlands for the Fibre Fever swap.  She has hand and machine felted a snow bell hoping to persuade Spring to arrive at her cold home.  It is beautiful.

This birthday card for me from Peggy in USA had a sojurn in the Customs Department before arriving here - Peggy was getting quite worried that it had been lost.  The Customs officer added a pamphlet telling me what could and could not be imported into Australia.  I hope he enjoyed looking at the harmless fabric card!

Bill had been pruning the Congea vine, but had to be very patient and careful at this end - a pigeon had a nest with two babies in it.  We could see them from the kitchen window, especially as they grew big and were almost ready to fly.

This one is still in the nest - but flew away a few hours later.

The second one made it to the trestle at the other end of the creeper, but was not anxious to move from there.  Several hours later Bill decided he really had to move the trestle so gave it a good shake, then started to lower it.  that moved the pigeon, who could fly quite well after all and disappeared over the back fence and far away. As always, click on the photos for a better look.
Time for a walk with Jock.  We are having some very hot sticky weather, but at least there is a strong breeze this afternoon so that should make walking a little more pleasant.  Cheers.


  1. I love the felted snowdrop page (English for snowbell!). The card is lovely too. Maybe the customs man thought that real plants might be sent next! A blackbird and her babies halted Dick's pruning last year - glad the baby pigeons flew the nest safely. Keep cool - we are very cool with all day frost. It's cloudy today though, so maybe the temperature will pick up a bit.

  2. Goodness that felted snowbell is just gorgeous!! Love the customs story, maybe the customs bloke will have a new appreciation for fabric arts?? LOL.

  3. Lovely felting. What a gorgeous card to receive too.

  4. More beautiful cards Robin. Thank you so much for sharing these with your friends, we all love to see each others' goodies. Love the pigeon!! We have lots of crested pigeons around the houseyard, nesting almost continuously. The babies are so cute.


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