Sunday, 16 January 2011

Birthday cards and food

I have had a birthday and look what I received from the Fibre fever swap group:  the first three are from Maureen in Australia, Helina in Finland and Janny in The Netherlands.

This group are from Ati in Norway, Birgit in Germany and Ritva in Finland.  they are all so lovely - thank you so much.

My grandson Christopher shares my birthday so we celebrated together on Friday night.  He wanted achicken dish but chicken is completely sold out in Mackay till the shelves are restocked now that the roads have finally opened again.  We had a very nice chocolate cake though.  On Saturday night Bill and I feasted on
this mud crab

and these (he does not like them so more for me!

and these.  There was even enough left over for prawn sandwiches for lunch today.
What more could I ask for?


  1. Robyn, happy birthday!!!!! A bit late though.

    Lovely cards and delectable food.

  2. You could have invited me to join you.
    Belated happy birthday Robin.

  3. Happy Birthday Robin. Such beautiful cards - you will have to put them into an album for safety. Lovely and wicked chocolate cake - at least the crab, oysters and prawns are healthy. Yumm!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Robin even if a bit belated. How lucky are you to enjoy that wonderful seafood feast. Did you cook the crab yourself. I can remember a wonderful seafood shop on Shakespeare street from many years ago.

    Hope you are coping after the floods.

  5. Happy Birthday and what a wonderful feast, Yum, havent haqd a muddy for years.

  6. Happy Birthday Robin [albeit a little late]. The cards are just beautiful, and you must feel privileged to have received so many of them. My goodness, the cake, crabs and prawns are indeed a fitting substitute for chicken!! Lack of supply is becoming an issue, but I suppose we can always find something to eat. This is the land of plenty we are told [plenty of water at the moment!!!!]. Hope you are 'drying out' up there. We have seen the sun for a number of days now, a pleasant sight all of a sudden!!


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