Sunday, 3 October 2010

Today was my turn to do a shift at the Visitors Desk in the Botanic Gardens.  This is part of the display which our Visitors Services Officer has set up from seeds and nests etc collected in the Gardens.

I love the textures of these fungi - better seen when you click to enlarge

I went for a walk in the shade garden and found these gorgeous flowers of the Back Scratcher ginger had come out.  I had to kneel in the garden bed to take this photo - fortunately nobody else was nearby.

here is the flower in closeup -  a satin shiny surface.

I love the new pink leaves of the syzygiums - this is Wilsonii and has a lovely red pom pom flower, but the wind was blowing too hard, I couldn't get a photo in focus.

I should have taken this photo when I opened up this morning.  It is a vanilla bean orchid, with creamy green flowers - they were open this morning but closed 5 hours later, not sure if it was because of the cloud cover or not, but the creeper is fascinating and looks great against the wormeaten wood of the old wharf logs.

Lastly here is a photo of my giveaway - a glasses case, a bookmark, a fridge magnet and some paper napkins.  This is blog no 195 so five more to go and I will draw.
Now I had better take the dog for a walk.  Bill has gone away for a few days for work and Jock has been caged up for several hours so he needs the exercise.


  1. Super post Robin. Your photos are fantastic and full of contrasting colours and textures. The first one took me back to early schooldays and the Nature Table, which I loved. That fungus is wonderful and your giveaways are stunning - even more so in close-up. Hope my name goes into the hat.

  2. I love the texture of the fungi especially large.
    Can you use the vanilla pods from the plant? How amazing. Congratulations on you ralmost 200th post.

  3. Hi Robin, read you post about you knee hope it gets better soon. You were lucky to get to 3score years and ten before falling apart...I gave up smoking 15 years ago and my body began tearing itself to pieces and has continued to do so ever since.

    Love the photos of your garden. I love the texture of the wormwood looks like sort of cork and the fungi are lovely.

  4. Love the close up of the fungi Robin.

  5. This problem with knees is a worry! I can hardly walk at the moment but at least havent fallen over with 1/2 a bottle of fizz inside after my birthday lunch!!
    Love the vanilla bean orchid, fascinating that that is what has the beans for our vanilla pods.


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