Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ta Daa! This is blog 200

This is the October page I made for Wilma - her theme is dragonflies.  this was fun to do.  The background is panne velvet coloured with disperse dyes, then vliesofix, then some mica flakes sprinkled over and a lilac chiffon scarf fused to it.  The dragonfly wings were stitched on Romeo with cheer organza behind.  I wrapped some cords to make the body, then emobssed the head with jade and silver for the eye, adding gel and stitchless beads to finish it off.

Here are some caladiums growing in pots in my back garden.  I thought I had lost the white ones after the tree fell over, but here they are back again better than ever.

The back garden bed is getting more colourful and the creepers are taking off nicely.  By the end of the summer, the trellis should be completely covered, hopefully there may even be some flowers on it.  These creepers should have at least a few flowers most of the year.  The birds love them, and I have missed my birds in the back garden.  This is what I see when I look out my kitchen window.

I couldn't resist taking this photo of the Cape Yok lily leaf which has just erupted.  The texture is superb.  There is a flower hiding under it, but it is not out properly yet.

Jock has a new toy.  We have new neighbours who have a 19 month boy called Charlie.  He and Jock just love each other, but they never stay still long enough for me to take a photo of them together.  The neighbours threw this football over the fence for Jock, it won't inflate proerly any more, that just makes it better from Jock's point of view.  He chases it all round the garden, always bringing it up for one of us to kick it for him.  I have given up on that - does no good for my feet at all.  I have to pick it up and throw it!
As I said in the heading this is post 200.  I will wait till Saturday night when my grandchildren come to visit, then we will put all the names in the hat and draw one out.  So..........leave a comment before then to be in the draw.


  1. I love your page for Wilma Robin no wonder she was pleased with it.
    Well done.
    I thought that Jock was chewing a hunk of wood.

  2. A lovely dragonfly. I really like the way that your garden is recovering and with some things even better than before. Jock certainly has grown.
    Congratulations on reaching 200!

  3. Your dragonfly is beautiful Robin. It is so difficult to capture their delicacy but you have done so. Love that lily leaf - gorgeous colour, shape and texture. Love the other pics too - Jock is having a great time with his football. Have a lovely weekend with your grandchildren.

  4. I have a similar photo of my sons dog Peppi with a soccer ball she became quite good at it.

    Jock must be a lovely dog to take to a little tot like that.

    Just love your garden that cape york lily leaf is beautiful.

  5. Jock is adorable. Your plants look wonderful. Fall is here and the rains, so ours look terrible. Congratulations on 200.

  6. Hasnt Jock grown.
    Love that dragonfly, nice twist on making one.
    Must look up your lily, it is new to me.

  7. Great textile work on your gift page Robin. Thank you for giving a run down on the procedure. I am sure it was well received.

    Great photos, love Caladiums, and I've never heard of that lily.

    Isn't it great that Jock has a mate. We have a new pup, named Jack.

    Thank you for including me in the draw later today, and look forward to many more posts from you.

    Well done on a blog with excellent variety.


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