Saturday, 25 September 2010

Time for a giveaway

Well, I have just realised that I am getting close to 200 posts so I think I should have a giveaway.  This will be post 193 and all comments from now till I reach 200 will go into the hat, probably for a glasses case and some other goodies - I haven't really decided yet.
Blogger has changed the way we load photos again, I suppose it is an improvement - but it has taken me ages to get these photos up as I was not sure what I was trying to do..........grrrrrr.  I am not sure I like change much any more, takes too long to work it out.

These yellow everlasting daisies are making a lovely show at the front entrance of the Botanic Gardens just now.  When we were first married we used to see them along the sides of the roads all round the district, but I haven't seen them growing wild for years now.  I think the sides of the roads have been poisoned to keep the grass down, but of course, everything else is poisoned too.
This is syzygium australe with a lovely show of fluffy white flowers.  Later it should be covered in red berries and one of our volunteers with be busy making jam, well she will if she can beat the birds.  they love the berries too.

These next photos are of some more padfolios I have made lately.  Two of them are from paper napkins and make such a lovely bright show.

I had hoped to spend the weekend in the garden, but the rain has put a stop to that.  September is supposed to be the driest month of the year up here, but definitely not this year.  We had a deluge of 200 mm on Monday, then drizzle for most of the rest of the week, before the rain really set in again today, 80 mm so far and it is only 4.30 pm.  I think I can hear the weeds growing.  I have a huge crop of oxalis which has sprung up, it has a very pretty pink flower, but I would much rather be rid of the wretched stuff.


  1. I love your padfolios Robin and when the time comes, congratulations on your 200th post. I realised the other day that I had passed my second bloggy birthday - 17th Sept - I'd forgotten all about it. The yellow daisies and tree blossoms are so pretty. We have oxalis here too - a tiny one which invades the rockery and things in pots, and a larger one in the borders. I leave it if it looks pretty, and pull it up when it's in the way. At least all the trees and plants will have had a good drink before the hot weather starts.

  2. Congrats on so many posts. I love looking at all the photos of the garden and your gorgeous stitchery

  3. i love your padfolios especially the butterfly one and I sympathise with you on the oxalis - I too wage a continual (losing) war on it!

  4. Hi Robin
    Congrats on getting near 200 bloggings.
    love the padfolios.

  5. Don't the posts add up? I always follow you but don't always comment. The padfolios are great. Napkins can be so beautiful that some I save when I'm at a party--or take apart and just use the back piece.

  6. You are wet. Here I think we may be having a break from drizzle but of course John is always worried that we will have no more,
    the weeds are growing and so is the paddock feed, but they are having trouble getting in to the paddocks to do the silage!
    Happy 200th post, I keep missing my blog anniversaries, must do something about that.

  7. Lovely photos Robin. Using the napkins for the padfolios works so well too. Congratulations on getting close to 200!

  8. Great padfolios Robin--you should be down here for Floriade--the weather is magnificent at present.

  9. All looks great Robin and I know what you mean about blogger and pictures - maybe changes are there to keep us on our toes?? Dale

  10. Robin, congratulations on nearing your 200th post. I so enjoy your blog, but most of all your friendship. I always love to visit to see what gorgeous blooms you'll have to show us. I do love your padfolios. You seem to turn out some of the most amazingly beautiful gift lines. The gallery up there must count their lucky stars to have you 'on hand'. Thank you again for such pleasant photos, and interesting chat. BTW, I hate that pink oxalis too. We have the wretched little yellow stuff in our lawn, and battle on to rid ourselves of the curse!! We are managing to avoid some of the rain...........oh dear, did I say that........


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