Monday, 25 October 2010

Look what came to visit

The Garden Friends had a guided walk followed by a barbecue on the deck overlooking the lagoons last Saturday - I completely forgot to take a photo of the lovely scene, but I found my camera when this lady came to visit.  One minute she was in the palm tree beside the deck, then she came down onto the deck

and up onto the table where someone was very naughty and fed her some chocolate cake.  Thankfully they took it away as soon as this photo was taken.

I was then able to take this photo before she squeezed herself through the wire mesh and disappeared into the cloud garden.  there are several possums living in the area, but also a couple of carpet snakes - they are often seen in the rafters near the cafe, which freaks some of the patrons more than somewhat!

Jock and I went for a walk in the Gardens today.  This teak tree is in full bloom, but I couldn't get far enough away to take a decent photo because there are construction fences all round it for a new waterworks facility being built there.  The noise was deafening, the tree was full of rainbow lorikeets, which again I couldn't capture on film - the light was wrong and I only had shadows.

Here is acloweup of the blossom - it is so pretty, but doesn't have much perfume.

Then we came across this giant heleconia (about 3 metres tall) with its lovely red flower spikes.

My apologies for the photo - I was standing on Jock's lead while I was taking the photo, but another dog appeared - that caused a bit of excitement.

We pass this acalypha on the way home.  People up here think they are pretty boring - you see them everywhere in a variety of colours, but southerners fine them quite spectacular. 
This post 199 so the next post will be the last before I draw the names out of the hat.  Don't forget to leave a comment to be in the draw.


  1. Great photos Robin, in spite of the difficulties. Possums are very appealing but I know they can be pests and I think I might be freaked out by the snakes. The teak tree blossom is lovely. Hope I'm in the draw.

  2. I love the possum and the beautiful bloom acloweup. So lovely to swop news with different countries.

  3. Your visitor was cute. I don't think I could have sat there calmly if there was the possibility of any kind of snake around! The teak tree blossom is gorgeous.

  4. Robin, possums are so gorgeous, but can become a nuisance. We don't get them here, not enough cover for them. BUT, snakes, yes. We've seen quite a number already for the season.

    Lovely blossom, and you did well to persist with the camera [phone] despite the obvious difficulty. What we do to share, and thankfully so.

    You are lucky to live where the Heleconia grows so well.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  5. Great photos Robin, Is the teak tree a native?

  6. Lovely photos - looks like a beautiful botanical garden. Cute visitor - we have possums but don't often see them, unlike bandicoots which we see all the time in our garden.
    Your draw prize looks gorgeous - hope I can be included. Congrats on 200 posts.

  7. To think I'm just delighted if I see a hedgehog!


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