Saturday, 16 October 2010

At a standstill

I seem to have fallen into a deep hole lately.  I finished these souvenirs - going back to some of my old techniques.  I do like the effect of colouring cheap panne velvet with disperse dyes and working over that.  There is a subtle sheen behind the work which I find very lush.
Somehow since then I have been bogged down with other stuff, appointments, meetings, housework etc.  I have also spent hours at the computer booking accommodation for our trip the New Zealand in November - that is all done now, thank goodness.

I have found time to take Jock for a walk in the Botanic Gardens occasionally.  The lomandras are in full flower at present.  They are good for cut flowers and they last forever as dried flowers.  There are huge clumps of them planted along the edges of the lagoons to give the water birds hidey holes for their nests.  The snakes like them too so I don't let Jock anywhere near them if possible.

The cycads are shooting out with all their new season's growth.  I love the different shapes, some short,

and some very tall.

I am hopeless at linking to a previous post, but the post where I announced the giveaway for my 200th post had a photo of Syzygium Australe in flower.  Well, most of the flowers have gone, leaving these lovely pinky red bases (calyx's?) My botany is non-existent, I don't know the proper term, but they are very pretty anyway, whatever they are.
I have received my copy of the new book by Maggie Grey and Isobel Hall, I was so looking forward to it, now I am very frustrated - the book was very wet when it arrived here.  I have it on a table in the air conditioned office and I am turning (very carefully) a page every so often to try to dry it out so I can read it.  I have complained to Australia Post to no avail, I have no idea what they managed to do to it, but I am NOT happy.
At least I shall be able to play with the versa-tool which I ordered from Dale just as she was leaving for London.  I really want to see if I can transfer an image to cloth with it as the instructions say.  Watch this space - I will sho you if I am successful.  Only three more post to go after this before the giveaway so don't forget to leave a comment.


  1. I haven't ordered Maggie and Isobel's book yet, too busy, now I might wait until the weather improves!!
    I look forward to seeing what you do with the versa tool, I haven't had a chance to open it yet either.

  2. Maggie's new book is fantastic - so sorry yours arrived wet and hope it will dry without damage. Your souvenirs are gorgeous, as usual, and those colours are irresistible. I love the photos of the plants in the Gardens - they are so different from any we grow here though you might find some in Kew or the Eden Project. You sound very busy again - don't work too hard!

  3. Living in Switzerland it is very interesting to see the kind of plants you have in your wonderful botanic gardens. And I like the colors of bookmarks and purses.

  4. How annoying to have your mail damaged. I always pack my outgoing mail in plastic - IO don't leave things to chance.

    You do sound busy - don't wear yourself out - I always love to read your blog.

  5. Well how about that we are going on a cruise to NZ leaving Sydney on the 20th.
    Do you think they are prepared for a couple of oldies like us.

  6. Robin, try holding one page of your precious book up one page at a time and using your hair dryer on cool to med to dry each page...a bit tedious, but could prevent them sticking together.

    Done use it too hot it may shrink and tighten the paper. Did you know that is how to tighten the brown paper covering on the back of framed pieces....spray it with water and dry with a hot hair dryer and it tightents up.

    love your gardens photos.

  7. How frustrating to get a wet book,I havent ordered it yet.Hope the NZ trip is good, I have ony be to the South Island and usually in winter, my one time in Summer was terrbly hot and humid and I was judging a horseshow so was standing for hours!
    Still love the place.

  8. Robin, I love your gift lines, they really are spectacular. I didn't order the Versa tool, but will do so when Ian and Dale return. I hope you enjoy the book once you get it dried out, what a nuisance for you. I love Maggie's books, have a few of them myself.

    I really like Cycads too. I have a
    cardboard palm [Zammia .......??]. They have been around since the dinosaurs I believe, a little like me......LOL...


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