Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Look what I saw!

This will be a very quick post as I have to get ready to go to a meeting, but I had to show you these photos of a magnificent Golden Orb  spider taken in the shade garden at the Botanic Gardens yesterday.  The spider would be at least six inches, probably more, in size.  It is up high in a protected part of the Garden and the staff have been watching it for several weeks now.

When you click on the photo to enlarge it you will see the wonderful gold of the web, also the gold of the joints.  I would hate to have that drop on my face, but I can admire it when it is out of my way!
This pink heart was a birthday gift for a friend of mine.  The colours are a bit wishy washy for my liking, but my frined loves it and that is what matters.
I haven't even had time to catch up on other blogs for the last couple of days - we had birthday celebrations her last Sunday for our granddaughter Hannah, exhausting but a huge success.
Now I am visiting the chiropractor every couple of days as I seem to have done something to my knee and can hardly get up stairs - a real nuisance when I need to go upstairs to get to the computer and my work room!  He is working magic on it though so I should be back to normal soon.


  1. Thank God for chiropractors - hope your knee will be back to normal soon Robin. The spider pics are amazing but I chickened out at enlarging them!! No wonder your friend loves the little pink heart - it is gorgeous.

  2. Robyn. I love the pic of the spider.
    The web is magnificent too.

    I do hope your knee is better soon.

  3. hope that knee gets better, I went around looking to see if we were due to have any more foals this evening, the paddocks are a bog, no foals, walked further than I meant as I have put on too much weight, all that sitting and driving, and of course I now have an aching knee again.
    Life getting back to sort of normal again, I will miss my Wednesdays in Adelaide, although we have to go tomorrow, haircuts and identify my mother, I hope she is recognisable. I know they do all sorts of things so I hope I dont identify some one elses mother.

  4. Great photos again Robin. Isn't that a wonderful shot!!! I am sure your friend will appreciate her pink heart, it's very pretty. Do hope the chiropractor will soon have you running up the stairs. Take care.

  5. Sorry Robin, much rather look at the picture of the heart than the spider which really made me shiver!!

  6. It is good to hear that your knee is improving. That is an amazing shot of the spider and I did force myself to take a closer look.


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