Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More from the Gardens

This lovely swamp orchid is flowering in the shade garden.  It grows in the wild at Eungella, a mountain range west of Mackay.  A friend of mine has potted up some from her property there to give me to plant in my garden so I hope I don't kill them.

The seeds on this palm were such a vibrant colour I had to take a photo - can't remember which variety of palm it is, I am not particularly a palm fan
At this time of the year the egrets and cormorants all come in to roost in the trees on ethe edge of the lagoon to roost overnight.  According to all the books I have read they are not supposed to be migratory, but they certainly disappear from the lagoon in the hot summer months, only appearing in any numbers again in late autumn
This photo is not very clear.  The cover is painted brown paper - with metallic paints - cut up and rewoven, then some yarns threaded through.  I painted some tyvetex (the lightweight tyvek they use in disposable overalls) and scrunched it together before blasting it with my heat gun.  Then I used a bit of embossing powder and gold flakes to highlight it.  The cover is for a small visual diary, once again to go to the souvenir shop.
Time to get dinner and I have been in front of the computer for long enough.  I had my 16th injection in my eye today, I am almost a fixture over at the eye specialist's, but if it keeps me seeing for a lot longer I don't care.  I don't ususally get many after effects, but I find it uncomfortable to concentrate for too long.


  1. Gorgeous book cover. The swamp orchid is beautiful. Do the birds enjoy the palm seeds, there are certainly plenty of them to feast on. The egrets and cormorants look like blossom.

  2. Lovely pics again Robyn, I especially love the palm.
    Your journal cover looks great too.

  3. Such nice views of birds and vibrant palm seeds.

  4. Wonderful images as usual Robin - I love that orchid and the egrets and cormorants make a very dramatic display roosting in that tree. They look as if someone had carefully arranged them. Your book cover is stunning and some lucky person is in for a treat. So glad the eye treatment is working.

  5. Lovely nature shots again Robin, I so enjoy the subject matter of your photography. It's lovely to see the birds around the water. We have an influx of ibis at the moment [near the dams]. I love the book cover, yet another way to use 'brown paper'. I'm sure it will be well received at your gallery. I do hope your treatment is not too stressful. Take care.


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