Friday, 10 September 2010

The dinosaurs came to town and a prize postcard arrived

Today there were over a hundred young children at the Botanic Gardens, wandering round completing an educational quiz in our coal garden, which has dinosaur prints embedded in the concret path and various plants from the dinosaur era represented.  They were all waiting for this monster to arrive.  He was fascinating and very realistic, complete with appropriate noises.  I loved the textures of the fabric covering, some of which you can see in the photos.
Alexander (red shirt) really wanted to get up close to pat the dinosaur.  Hamish thought he would like to, but the head suddenly bobbed towards him, so there was a hasty retreat to Dad's arms!  Some of the very small children were really frightened, but most of them just couldn't get enough.
I think it was really advertising a show called Erth Dinosaurs which will have a couple of sessions at the local theatre tomorrow.  Anyway, a lot more people know where parts of our Gardens are now which they had never visited before.

This petrea is in full flower on the trellis in the Heritage garden.  If you click to enlarge you will see a bit of the bauhinia scandens which is only just starting to flower.
Vicki Welsh made this lovely sunprinted postcard for me as a prize for taking part in last month's Technique of the month.  I am thrilled to receive it.
Only a short post, I need to get dinner ready.


  1. What a great idea to bring a dinosaur into the Gardens - I bet the kids loved it. Hope it confined it's footprints to the paths and you don't find any in the beds and borders! The flowering climbers on the trellis must be a glorious sight. I love the sunprint postcard.

  2. I think I'm with Alexander! Things like that scare me too. I love the leaf.

  3. The dinosaur looks really scary. The flowering climbers are just beautiful. Great postcard - yet another win for you, well done

  4. Lovely to see the dinosaur visiting the kids. The 'skin' fabric is fantastic, I'd like a close look at that myself...... I love the Petrea too, such a gorgeous mauve.

    I am so thrilled to see your PC prize. Don't those 3CS girls do a really professional finish to everything they do??? I am in awe of their neatness, not to mention creativity!!!


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