Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A felted cover, a TOM and a POM and some flowers

Well, I finally found time to make the felt up into a cover for my oringinal notebook I started about 8 years ago!  I like the way the silk velvet felts into the surface.  If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will see the R is made from a mould which was this month's product of the month from Dale.  I had to show it before August is finished!  I remembered afterwards I had bought several of these moulds in Hobart last year and I have hardly used them yet - tut, tut!  I used my melting pot and some gold Utee to make this stamp.
The last technique of the month was sunprinting - only mine was done under a lamp as the sun was definitely not shining for several days when I was trying to do it.  For small pieces the lamp works very well.  This has become the inside cover for my felted piece.  I sunprinted it twice, adding some paperclips the second time just to add some interest.
This is another little trinket box I have finished, the colour is much more shimmery than shows in the photo.  I started it so long ago that I can't remember what my base fabric was.  I know I had painted vleisofix over the top of it, then some red foiling, lastly covered by a shimmering green gold organza.
this schotia tree is in our front garden and is full of screeching parrots most of the day, as well as honeyeaters of all sorts and sizes.  The tiny little ones have the most beautiful calls.  At night the fruit bats and the possums have fights to see who gets eating rights - the fruit bats (flying foxes) mostly win, which surprised me.  The tree has very attractive foliage so makes a lovely shade tree all year round.
Now I had better go away and finish a little heart which I want to send away to a friend tomorrow for her birthday.


  1. What a lovely post Robin - your book cover is wonderful. I love the colours and textures you have achieved and the fastening is great. I have just bought a melt pot and am waiting for it to arrive. The little trinket box is gorgeous and bears really close scrutiny - you've finished it perfectly. Love the tree and it's noisy inhabitants. Our bird visitors are far quieter - I watched a tiny wren bathing in the top part of our new water feature today. Needless to say the camera was out of reach and I dare not move!

  2. Your book cover is just my colour - beautiful piece. I am amazed that the possums are the losers. I think my sparrows have been taking lessons from your parrots, they are so noisy.

  3. Robin, what great projects in this post. I love the felted cover, colours are gorgeous. Your stamp went very well, as did the sun [lamp.....LOL] printing. It took me weeks to find a good day for my sun printing, surprising isn't it in the 'Sunshine State'.

    The trinket box is again, one of your exquisite pieces. You have such great 'taste', your sense of colour is marvellous. I love this, the shape and closing are really nice.

    We've been enjoying the 'pleasure' of a flock of Corellas of late. We don't normally have them so close, but for some reason they've decided to frequent our area for a while, very noisy.

    Lovely post Robin.

  4. What a great post and such wonderful creations to view ! i love the book cover and your sunprinting turned out fantastic !
    The trinket box is just lovely !

    best wishes


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