Wednesday, 18 August 2010

August book page

This is the lovely fabric page I have received for the August swap from Wilma in The Netherlands.  I still can't get the blues right, but I really love it so I had to show you all.
I was thrown when I went to upload it, blogger has changed the format for uploading photos again!  I had got used to the last version and I really liked it, this one just confuses me, guess I am getting to be an old stick in the mud, just liking familia things.
I still don't have anything else much to show you, but I have some more felt drying, using bubblewrap is certainly an easy way to go.  I was going to make a wrap for an exercise book which I used as a sample journal when I first started making souvenirs.  However, I think I have felted too enthusiastically and may have shrunk it too much to fit the book now - well that just means I will need to rethink tomorrow what I can make with it.
I took Jock for a long walk in the Botanic Gardens today, stupidly forgetting to take my camera.  The bottlebrushes are all flowering madly so I hope they still look good on Friday.  No time for  a walk tomorrow as we will have an early dinner before going to the Queensland Opera's performance of 'The Merry Widow'
I must finish off now. This election is really getting me down, I am fed up with the massive daily promises we are getting here (we are a marginal seat) and I turn off when most of the politicking goes on, but I love The Gruen Transfer which takes the mickey out of the lot of them!  The show has just started, so good night.


  1. A lovely page Robin. You could always piece some more felt onto the one you have done, or even embellish.

  2. The page is lovely Robin.
    I am not at all interested in this election in fact I only just realised that our loal member was not standing this time- how up to date am I?

  3. Robin, I grew up in Brisbane and am wondering where the photo on your banner is taken.

    I went to high school near the Botanic Gardens ..State Commercial..which is now a Uni and over the years visited the Gardens a lot...back when the monkeys and the Gorilla were still there.

  4. Lovely swap page Robin. I hate it when formats change too - you are not alone. I've just been locked out of my laptop for two days due to an unsolicited update. Grrrrrh!
    Enjoy the Merry Widow and commiserations over the election. Fortunately they don't last for ever, it just seems like it at the time!

  5. Lovely page Robin, I'm sure you'll treasure it. Can't wait to see your felting. I'm waiting on some warmer weather to try my Kimberley Dreaming pack from Dale.

    Enjoy The Merry Widow. We will vote later this afternoon..........ah well, we only do it because it's compulsory. We have a safe seat here, so no promises whatsoever. One lot don't need to, the other have given up trying. Both highways need major upgrades. This time tomorrow it will all be over bar the misery.........


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