Friday, 27 August 2010

Book Week parade and some flowers

Here is our grandson Alexander taking part in the children's book week parade held each year in Walkerston.  The theme this year was 'Story Bridge'.  Alexanded kept telling his mother all week that he did not ndded a costume, his class was not dressing up - guess what, when he got up today he said yes he did need a costume.  I can'r remember what he wanted, but definitely impossible at 7am on the day, to be ready before school started at 9am.  He is an alien, which I think looks pretty good.
The Library goes to an enormous amount of trouble and the primary schools in the area all take part.  The main street is closed for a couple of hours and they march down the centre of the road - Alexander's class took this very literately and tried to keep on the centre line!  Some of the costumes are just wonderful and so innovative.  This seems to be taking the place of the fancy dress balls we had as children.  I never hear of those happening now, not sophisticated enough for today's children I suppose.

I loved Bill and Ben the Flowerpot men, not sure what the other characters are.
Here is another selection.  I think there would have been a couple of hundred children and teachers all dressed up.
I am never going to have time to work out how to make montages of the photos, so here is one of the grevilleas flowering in the Gardens, I have no idea which one, except that it is native to this area.
Here is a closeup.  This is one of my favourites with the wonderful golden tips at the edge of the flowers.  You should click to enlarge to get the best effect.


  1. Oh What Fun Book Week used to be(I used to be a teacher in Junior primary ). The children look like they are having great fun!!Love the grevillias.

  2. It is the first year and first time in my life that I came to see grevillias in Montreux by the Lake of Geneva/Switzerland. It did not know where they came from. The gardeners make a wonderful work there, there are also very inventive and it is a pleasure to walk on the allees at any time of the year.

  3. I will post some fotos on a web album and if you leave me your mail I will invite you to see them!

  4. It is really good to see that children are still being actively encouraged to read. The grevillias are wonderful, they look like they have been sprinkled with powder.

  5. I used to help out in a local charity shop and we often had harrassed mums popping in to find things for a quick costume for their children - great photos. The flowers are gorgeous as usual. I don't know how to do clever things with photos either and am relieved if I can simply post them!

  6. Lovely to see the children Robin. Don't you just love it when kids 'remember' things at the last minute!! Our little one had to be the dog in Hey Diddle Diddle not long ago. Thankfully, a great costume was loaned, got everyone out of bother. Great photos again Robin. I love your header photo, it is just such a clear photo, brilliant. Hope your eyes are feeling better after all your computer time.

  7. Thanks for your promotion of our Walkerston Book Week Parade, great photos. More than 'a couple of hundred' taking part though. Not just the local schools, it's getting to be the local community - more than 800 people! :)


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