Tuesday, 16 February 2010

TOM project and rain at the Gardens

I have started on the Technique of the month - see my side bar - and just managed to finish a project before the next one is due! This month it was painted batting and here are a couple of my efforts. I used up ends of jars of acrylic paint to cover some thick polyester batting (no idea if there is a special name for the batting), then when dry I added patches of Lumiere metallics. The whole piece looked vibrant, but was too thich for anything I thought I could do with it so I meandered all over with gold thread and then made a case for glasses. My section of the souvenir shop at the Gardens is nearly empty so I have to get my skates on to fill it again!

This time I used pellon which I painted black, then covered with gossamer fuse and foiled with both gold and copper foils. I overpainted with Lumiere halo pink gold and then a transparent red oxide paint. It looks much jazzier in real life than it does in this photo. I will make this into some bookmarks later today I hope. I had not thought of painting over the top of foiling before so I have learned something new.
Now I have to get back to the basics. I have been using this large piece of brown paper (cut from a carrier bag and crumpled) to clean off the last bits of paint on my brushes for several months and only realised a couple of days ago how stunning it was starting to look...............so, later today I shall back it with felt and start cutting and stitching!

Last Saturday we had a social BBQ for our Friends group at the Gardens. This is what happened just before everyone was due to arrive - the rain just bucketed down - and the drainpipes were really doing their job. Thank goodness we just had heavy showers and they were kind enough to fall when we were all under cover, then stop when we were going! We had a lovely evening.

The next day I was walking in the Gardens with my grand daughter and this is how they looked, so green. We have had a wonderful wet season here, lots of rain with no flooding. I dould do with a spot of winter now, I am definitely over summer with 32 degree days and 78% humidity! Today I shall be hiding in the air conditioning as much as possible. Even Jock doesn't want to go outside.

Back soon to show you what I have done. You should be able to click on any of the photos to enlarge them.
I have just checked the side bar for Technique of the Month and it takes you to the Three Creative Studios website. The TOM is in the Free Projects line. Cheers.


  1. wow Robin,
    lovely work and very inspiring.
    were fed up with winter here and looking forward to spring and summer.

  2. Lovely work Robin. I really must get my TOM done. Glad the rain didn't spoil your evening. That looks more like an English garden it is so green.

  3. The glasses case is beautiful Robin and I know the bookmarks will be too. That piece of crumpled painted brown paper is so gorgeous and will no doubt find it's way into another lovely gift for the shop. That was some rain shower Robin but the Gardens obviously appreciated it - they look so lush and green.

  4. That brown paper is going to turn out very well Robin - it almost looks like leather. Sometimes an accidental piece turns out better than one we have planned doesn';t it.

  5. Your painted batting is beautiful as is your project. Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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