Saturday, 6 February 2010

Walking the dog

Here are a few photos from the Gardens which I haven't yet shown you.

I loved the colour of the new leaves on this cascading bean tree (Maniltoa lenticellata), there is a closeup below. These were taken lase month.

This gorgeous Bismark palm is flourishing, it has only been in the ground for just over three years. This photo of lagerstroemia speciosa flowers was also taken last month,

then today I was able to take a photo of the seedheads from it. I love the character in them even more than the flowers.
Progress on the tree lopping hasn't been fast - we think the whole tree is actually tipping slightly, so Bill is working out what to do next. It is a VERY large tree and most of the branches on the eastern side have been broken off in storms. The branches spread about 25 - 30 feet across and are very high so the cost of having it sorted will not be cheap. Oh well...........Bill will make the decision one way or the other sometime soon. In the meantime, the hanging branch has been tied back to the tree so it can't do any damage if we have another blow.
I wish we couldget a decent storm, the weather is very hot and humid and very threatening, but the storms keep slipping around us. All very unpleasant. I am glad to read that Canberra had some rain at long last however.
I haven't shown any photos of Jock for ages and he has grown so much. I will try to take some in the next day or so and post them. He loves his walks, but is not very well behaved at present. I think he has reached the teenage rebellious stage! Plenty of training coming up. He does keep us amused with his antics however.


  1. Hope you get some rain soon Robin. It must be frustrating when you hear of it falling elsewhere around you. Those trees in the Gardens are amazing - we would have to go to Kew Gardens tropical house to see anything similar. Glad Jock isn't being too naughty - it is hard not to laugh at their antics sometimes, even when they've made you cross. Hope you get the damaged tree sorted out safely - everything comes down to a question of cash these days - no pun intended!

  2. Got up to a light covering of snow again this morning so looking at your beautiful photo's cheered me up and reminded me we are on the way to spring as well as make me wish for some warm weather.


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