Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tree lopping with no danger money!

I had to share these photos with you of my crazy husband high up on the trestle cutting off bits of a branch of our rain tree which broke in the wind last Saturday - it almost broke off, but not quite and is proving very difficult to remove now.

The second photo is up closer, but doesn't show how high up Bill is. I mostly go away so I don't have to look as I hate him being up so high, but I couldn't resist a photo! Not sure what the next move is, I will keep you posted.
Still nothing much creative around here, I seem to have spent the last few days chasing new appliances to replace broken ones. Our cordless phone threw in the claw one week to the day after the manufacturer's warranty ended. Thank goodness for the first time ever we had taken out an extended warranty, which really paid off. I had to sit hanging onto a phone for over twenty minutes being told how important my call was to them, but at last someone answered and the upshot was that I collected a new phone kit yesterday - just had to pay for a new extended warranty. Today of course I have had to work out how to set it all up. Nothing electronic is ever simple these days, but I love my cordless phone which I can cart all round the house and garden and continue doing something useful while I am chattering on the phone!


  1. I do hope he got it done safely. It looks very precarious and these things have a way of swinging unpredictably. (There speaks the voice of experience!)

  2. If I'm up a ladder I want both hands to hold on with! I think that husbands like doing things like this though - boys will be boys! Glad you got your new phone sorted out.

  3. Hope all ended successfully.


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