Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I've been busy

I haven't had time to post lately, or even read many blogs - the photos above show I have been busy though. there is a Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand conference being hosted by our Botanic Gardens, starting tomorrow and I have been making some extra souvenirs to add to the collection. I am very disappointed it clashes with Stuart and Natalie's wedding, meaning we can't attend. We have been heavily involved in the preparations which has consumed many hours also.
The delegates coming here are going to cook - they are mostly from down south and New Zealand, not from the very summery tropics. Of course, we are flying down to the cold weather tomorrow - there was snow not too far from Canberra today!! We have many layers and will probably wear them all at some stage. We shall still manage to have fun.

Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth - or that is what he would like you to think! In actual fact, till I picked up the camera he was attacking the broom - and the reason I had the broom is in the picture below. Jock was locked in the bathroom while we were both out for a while. I thought I had given him enough toys to play with and had removed most of the other things, but he got to the toilet roll on a holder on the floor. That was much better than any other toy we could provide!
He is still adorable and is on the whole behaving very well. He has gone to be minded with another doggy person for the next five days so we are hoping he will enyoy that too.
Photos when I return. Cheers.


  1. Beautiful souvenirs Robin, they are bound to sell well. As for providing toys for pets - those we buy are designed by humans, animals always seem to have different ideas of what constitutes fun. But we love them just the same. Maggi

  2. Every picture tells a story Robin.
    You had better bring 2 coats with you--it has been freezing today.

  3. All the souvenirs are beautiful Robin and I'm sure will fly off the shelves. At least a chewed toilet roll is a clean mess to clear up - it could be worse! Sad about missing the wedding, but have a good trip.

  4. How I laughed, Robin at the mess in the bathroom. I had plenty of examples of doggy chewing when Tess was a pup, I can tell you. But you forgive them because they are so loveable.
    We bought Tess a crate and trained her to go in it. Now she sleeps in it every night in the kitchen and if we go out in the car she comes in the crate. I think she feels very secure in it. But I am not sure how big your pup will grow, so a crate might not be suitable. Have a nice time on your break away.

  5. Too funny story about your dog, think we all know that story.

    Lovely photos from the wedding, such an exciting time.

    To answer your question I am in Brisbane.


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