Sunday, 18 October 2009

Back on air

I have been off the air since just after I posted about the wedding as once again we were hit by a devastating virus - despite all the firewalls Bill has installed! This 'root kick' somehow got in then killed off the virus protection and froze the screen - just wonderful when Bill has so much work to catch up on! Thankfully he was able to use his laptop to search Google and download (at a cost) programmes to repair everything - he was more than somewhat frustrated at wasting most of the weekend doing repairs!

I have managed to load some of these photos in the wrong order but that doesn't matter. While we were driving to Canberra I was playing with my camera trying different settings and took this photo through the windscreen - of a very green approach to Canberra - and one about to get much wetter! I have never seen Canberra green before, everything has always been a brown/yellow droughtstricken scene. I know we did not appreciate the weather for our sightseeing, but the green countryside is wonderful.
The photo below is taken from the top of Mt. Ainslie and should show the wonderful sweeping view from the War Memorial (at the foot of the mountain), down the avenue, across Lake Burley Griffin to both old Parliament House, then new Parliament House and on to the hills beyond. If you click to enlarge the image you may see to the hills, but the rain was approaching fast! I have seen it in sunlight and the sight was truly magnificent!

We went sightseeing from Batemans Bay down to Narooma on the day before the wedding stopping a lovely little village called Mogo. Foolishly I did not take any photos, but I found a gorgeous bead and button shop where I purchased this handful of buttons for $3 - I would like to have weeded out some of the larger ordinary round buttons and just taken the tiny little flower buttons - they all kept sticking to my fingers and hand as I was rummaging!

While in Narooma I was lucky enough to meet up with a Playways pal Shirley Wager - we both joined Playways back in early 2002, but this is the first time we have met in person - great fun.
Then in Canberra I met up once more with Doreen Grey whom many of you will know through her blog. Doreen is such a generous lady and brought along these goodies for me to take home. The picture is now hanging on the wall of my workroom where I can look at it every day. I love all the papers she has given me as well, now I have to think how I am going to use them - soon.

I think Doreen will agree that both of us have had better photos taken, but we were having lunch and at least we have a record of it. I forgot about photos when I met Shirley!

Time to take Jock for a walk, he is growing by the minute I think. We had been saying how very good he has been when he blotted his copybook absolutely last night. Bill had been trying to dig a trench for some pipng for a gas hot water system due to be installed this week. The ground was very hard and dry so he filled the trench with water to soak in overnight. You guessed it, Jock found the trench and had a ball in the mud - he then came in the back door at a million miles an hour and raced into every room in the house tracking mud all the way!!! He did not appreciate being dumped into the tub for a bath at 6.30 pm - and I did not appreciate having to clean up the mess - but I wish I had seen him in the trench - deeper than he is tall - with my camera in my hand!


  1. I'm glad Bill was able to sort out the computer virus - we wouldn't have known where to begin. He must have been so frustrated by all that extra work. Your first photo looks quite European. That other view is magnificent even in those misty conditions. Love the buttons and goodies from Doreen - we chat via our blogs sometimes. I bet Jock was in disgrace! It's amazing how far a bit of mud can go!!

  2. Well it's a good photo of both of my chins anyway.

  3. Lovely to see the two of you on the same photo! I've just sent Doreen a small crazy quilt, she's my swap partner in the Fibre Fever group we both are members of...Glad you sorted out the computer problems!

  4. So glad you have had rain there, even though it is not ideal for sightseeing. How nice to meet cyberspace friends.


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