Sunday, 27 September 2009

Our new arrival

This is Jock, aged 10 weeks, whom we collected late on Friday afternoon - he is gorgeous. I know I said we would not get a pup till after Christmas, but Blueys are hard to come by, and Bill could not resist. We always seem to get our dogs from wild and rough country and this time was no exception.

This photo was taken through the windscreen before the road became too rough to be able to do that.
Here is what the front of the property looked like. I think it is really a hobby farm of around 200 acres, running a few dairy cattle. The family had hoped to be breeding cattle pups, but unfortunately they won't be doing that again till they get a new dog - Jock's dad was killed by snakebite the day before.

Hannah came to visit yesterday afternoon and played with Jock for about three hours! Every time he thought he was too tired and went to sleep she rattled another toy and woke him up again. Then we went to dinner with the other grandkids who played with him for about an hour before he really did collapse in a heap. He has been incredibly good about sleeping at night with no wimpering at all - must come to an end soon I fear.

Of course he has lots of toys to play with, I have spent the past two days shopping for all the things I had forgotten we need for puppies! Bill is now putting shade cloth along the bottom of the front fence as we have discovered Jock can squeeze through if he tries! The timing of all of this is awful, we go to Canberra in ten days time, then home for three weeks before we are off to Tasmania, then home for four weeks before we are off to Buderim for Christmas! Thank goodness we have found someone to look after Jock for each of those visits, and Bill is as happy as a pig in mud. I will have shredded arms and legs for the wedding, but that really will not matter much!
Of course with all this going on, I have done nothing creative to post about. I hope I can get on with some more stuff in the next few days, having a new pup is just like having a new baby in the house and definitely just as time consuming!


  1. He looks a little darling, especially in the last picture. I am not sure what blueys are - is that a recognised breed? The word verification is huggsi - how appropriate!

  2. He is just gorgeous Robin.
    My 9 year old daughter has been watching Eloise on dvd and now wants a pug! We already have a rough collie. Maybe when Toby gets a bit too old, he is 6 months older that Claudia.
    You do realize the puppy stage lasts for about 2 years????

  3. He is gorgeous but I know what you mean about having a new pup and being like a baby, House training!
    Off tomorrow, think I have too much oh well.
    Enjoy the trips away but the timing could have been better!

  4. He is so cute Robin. I was also wondering what a bluey is.

  5. My heart is melting.....he's so cute!!


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