Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Back from the wedding

We are back from the frozen south, the wedding was wonderful - much better than the weather! Even the locals were complaining about how cold and wet the spring had been. We had showers for the day before the wedding and early in the morning, then they disappeared and the ceremony was able to be held outdoors with the water as a backdrop.

Nat looked so elegant and her son Bailey was so proud to walk her down the aisle, clutching the ring box in his other hand.

Nat and Stuart both looking so happy.

I have managed to cut out two of the groomsmen, but it was hard to get everybody in from where I was sitting. Nat's daughter Isabelle is standing in front of Stuart. Even though this was a second marriage, Nat wanted to have all the trimmings so she had all these bridesmaids, including her sister-in-law who is expecting a baby in another two weeks, she held up very well.
Everybody stayed at the resort where the wedding was held, a fantastic idea as you did not have to worry about getting home afterwards, especially us - the resort put the parents of the bride and groom in cottages right beside the marquee where the reception was held!

Apart from the wedding I lived in jeans, boots and multiple layers over the top trying to deep warm! godd practice for our trip to Tasmania in just over three weeks - the weather is even wetter and colder down there. We certainly had both sides of the story yesterday. The temperature in Canberra when we flew out at mid-day was 8 degrees, with a strong southerly wind blowing (straight from Antarctica according to Bill) and we arrived to 31 degree temperature in Mackay with a strong Northerly (very hot and dry) wind blowing!!!
More tomorrow night, I haven' had time to edit my other photos yet.
Many thanks to all those who commented on my last post before we went away. I seem to have lost most of them in all the emails which were on my computer when we returned - but I have read and enjoyed them all, sorry I can't reply individually as I would like to.


  1. Glad you enjoyed what looks like a very happy wedding. Those extremes of temperature are amazing - that's what comes of living in such a huge country. Here it might be wet in the south and sunny in the north - but temperature wise little difference.

  2. The wedding looked to be a very happy occasion. I am glad that the weather turned sunny for them. Amazing the difference in temperatures between the North and the South. It also seems strange to hear that the north is warmer as here is is, of course, the other way around, although not those extremes.

  3. What's wrong with our good Canberra weather Robin-you should be here today it is even colder.
    Good to meet up with you again and I hadn't realised before how much Stuart is like his Dad.


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