Monday, 26 October 2009

Walking again

Jock and I have been walking in the Botanic Gardens and the Bauhinia Scandens is in full flower in the heritage Garden. Brides love walking down this pathway to a shelter behind where I stood to take the wedding photo for their wedding ceremonies. It is a lovely setting for weddings, except when stupid vandals come in and pull off all the heads of flowering plants! I suppose the damage is not costly but it is so disappointing and unnecessary. Somebody (probably schoolkids) caused quite a bit of chaos last Saturday night, moving identification signs and destroying flowers. The gardeners came in early on Sunday morning and by the time I was walking in the afternoon they had evrything looking quite good again - minus the sunflowers!

Jock is growing so fast, he loves going for a walk and he leads remarkable well. He is a bundle of energy and goes quite manic when the grandchildren arrive - then he falls in a heap wherever he is at the time.
I am starting to get together samples for the three online courses I am enrolled in but I have nothing interesting to show at present. They all look like fun, I will get hopelessly behind again when we go away in a couple of weeks, but the books will all still be here.
Time for bed, hopefully more tomorrow.


  1. That is one lovely little blue dog! He looks so perky.
    I am just beginning to sort my textiles out so that when the winter comes I have plenty to do. It is so long since I did any art work that all my materials seems totally unfamiliar.

  2. Beautiful photos, Jock is so cute. It always amazes me that some people just cannot appreciate the beauty around them and want to try to destroy it.

  3. Finally had time to get to see what you have been doing, Jock is gorgeous and certainly keeping you on your toes.
    the wedding looked lovely, and you have been busy.
    yes I think I have shrunk!


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