Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Inspiration Meme

Weaver has suggested we all make a list of what inspires us today - so here goes - in a very haphazard way!

My mother, who always had time for us and also for the rest of the community. She was still an active member of the Red Cross until she was 90, by which time she was in a nursing home and could no longer walk or see very well. I hope I can be as well thought of by my community.

Lyndal Swan, who was my English and geography teacher in my subjunior year (grade 9 today I think). She inspired my love of Shakespeare, making his poetry come completely alive, so different from my husband's experience. he hated Shakespeare till we were fortunate to go to a couple of plays at Stratford-on-Avon, when he then agreed with me. When we had geography lessons Miss Swan simply closed the book and talked to us, she had visited many of the places we were learning about and over fifty years later I can still remember lots of what she said - much more than I remember about boring maths.

Jean Kent was an inspiration and very persuasive TAFE teacher who really started me on the whole textile experience. She persuaded me I could try to fit in a part time Certificate and Apparel Making course, which also contained a segment on applique and free machine embroidery - I never looked back, so I am so grateful for that.

Gabriella Verstraaten, with whom I was lucky enough to do a couple of workshops, creating bags and other wondrous things. She was so much fun and made everything seem so easy and persuaded us all that we were very creative.

Dale Rollerson, who has stretched me much more over the last ten or twelve years. I signed up for Playways and had no idea of the wonderful divergent directions it would lead me into.

Maggie Grey - I think I have all her books and I love going back to read them over and over and find new things to try. She publishes Workshop on the Web which I also find very inspirational.

Lynda Monk and Carol McPhee who have made me look at colour and texture in a whole new way.

All my blogging friends from whom I learn so much as they are kind enough to publish tutorials on their blogs

And of course my husband, Bill, who always encourages and admires the work I am creating.

This is probably a bit long winded and I know there are so many other sources of inspiration which I have not listed. I shall look forward to reading everyone else's lists tomorrow.


  1. Hello Robin,

    Just visiting via Weaver. Obviously, inspiring people are all around you. Glad they have provided the spark for your work.

  2. Lovely post Robin - mine will be 'long-winded' too.

  3. A loving mother is truly a gift from God. They can set us on course for a good life.

  4. It is not long-winded Robin - it is an inspiring read in itself. How wonderful that you can get such inspiration from so many people. I recognise Maggid Grey - yes her work is absolutely wonderful and does inspire me to have a go too. Thank you so much for taking part.

  5. Greetings from Wales, UK! Loved your list. Hasn't it been an inspiring meme?

  6. Robin from reading your post, it is obvious that you appreciate the connection with others and what they have to offer. It seems to me that you are a very conscientious participant in the activities/experiences these wonderful people offered you. I didn't think it was long-winded at all. It was inspiring and got me thinking about all those people, who have instructed me in various mediums and the support I have received from them and friends.

  7. A truly interesting read, popped over from Weaver of course! What a great idea it was and I have found lots of great blogs too. I had a wonderful English teacher who also instilled a love of Shakespeare in me. So much to be thankful for.


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