Friday, 24 July 2009

How glary is the room

I can see again!!! had the cataract surgery yesterday and the patch came off my eye this morning. I can't believe how bright everything looks, I almost feel I need sunglasses inside the house. Just wonderful.

Weaver has posted a photo of her parents taken a long time ago and asked if anyone else had a favourite old photo of their parents. This photo of my mother in her wedding dress is one I love. She and my father were married on 10th October 1935 in Goondiwindi, a country town in southern Queensland. Because there were no professional photographers in town, there are no photos of the actual day. The custom was for the bride to take her wedding finery away with her on her honeymoon, then get dressed up in it again in Brisbane for a professional photo. Dad would not take his tails with him, hence he was not in the photo! The huge bouquet was a prop at the photographer's. I have a long description of the weddding party which was published in the local paper, so we just imagine what everyone else looked like. How times have changed, now we can send photos all round the world in a few minutes.

Now I am off to spend the day photocopying documents for the accountant - boring, boring, boring. I am not confident about sewing today and I am not allowed to do anything active, so I might as well get the necessary but unpleasant jobs out of the way - or partly out of the way - I will probably decide I need a bread to sit and read a book half way through!


  1. What a beautiful photo Robin and that dress is gorgeous.

  2. So pleased about that successful op Robin - you must be very happy about it.
    Lovely to see your Mother's photograph (I smiled at your Dad not taking his suit with him on honeymoon - men always were funny like that!)
    The mention of accountants always sends me under a dark cloud - ours has been this week to finalise last year's books and I always live in dread of having done something silly in the ledger!

  3. It's a wonderful moment when you take off the eye patch and realise that your op. has been successful. So glad yours was too - don't forget to take things easy for a while. Your mother's wedding dress was beautiful - she looks quite regal and so happy. There are no photo's of my parents' wedding as they couldn't afford a photographer.

  4. So glad to hear the surgery went well! And such a gorgeous photo - I enjoyed hearing the "story" behind it too!


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