Saturday, 25 July 2009

Oh, how I procrastinate!

This is what I did today instead of photocopying records for the accountant! Much more interesting, but..............

My eye is behaving very well, and I am amazed at how much I can see, not sure now that I need to hurry in to get new specs - that will save some money!

I have posted a series of photos as I have often had queries as to how I have made things - I usually think I am just following what all you other clever people are doing, but in any case this box started with a piece of paper fabric I made months ago (a la Beryl Taylor) with some paper napkin torn up - I suspect as part of Ratty Tatty Papers. I fused some vliesofix (unpainted this time) over the top, then laid out some of muy thread scraps - I don't think I ever need to buy any more threads, my drawers will no longer close properly I have so many. That is unlikely to stop me from purchasing the next gorgeous thread I see though.

I fused an aqua chiffon scarf over the top of this lot and cut out the pattern. I had imagined having a slightly golden look about some of it, but somehow my pieces always seem to develop a colour of their own, quite different from what I initially envisage.

Next I did some embroidery over the lot

and here it is all folded up. these are so quick and easy to do and all my friends love them.
Now we are going to have dinner with our grandkids so I can continue to procrastinate at least till tomorrow.


  1. Glad your eye is doing so well - you may not need glasses, but it takes about 6 weeks for the eye muscles to settle down after surgery apparently which is why they make us wait so long. Your trinket box is gorgeous and I love the colours. Thanks for the method.

  2. The trinket box is gorgeous Robin and I am one of your friends who is lucky enough to own one of them.

  3. Lovely little trinket box. I am so glad that your eye op has worked so well.

  4. I love this trinket box Robin. I didnt need to get new glasses after my cataract op, but then I had had them for a while and they predated the other eye op but I couldnt believe it.
    I too am procrastinating although I seem to be getting into the way of things at the moment a bit more.

  5. What a fabulous box you have made. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Sandie from Rag Rescue


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