Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Jack and Hamish

Hamish came to visit this morning and wanted to throw the ball for Jack, who was feeling quite good at the time. Hamish loves trying (without notable success ) to make Jack sit before he kicks the ball for Jack to chase. There is sometimes quite a shouting match!

Then he had to get down close to study the ball in Jack's mouth. Jack is still enjoying life, but would not eat his breakfast today and the swelling under his chin was much larger - oh well - a day at a time.

I have spent (wasted) hours looking for the image of this waterway which I took a couple of years ago when it looked like a wasteland. I know I have it somewhere...........too well hidden. Today the waterway looks wonderfully lush and will be even better in a few months time when the spring growth takes off. This is really a storm drain for the surrounding suburban area and has been very cleverly disguised to be a feature of this section of the Gardens.
I seem to be taking ages to get into gear properly again after having been away! Spent a lot of time supporting the medical profession last week, but I am now booked in for my cataract surgery next week, then a wait of another few weeks before the best bit - new glasses!


  1. Love that dear little boy squatting down by the dog - beautiful image.
    Good luck with the cateract operation - hope all goes well.

  2. That is one very picturesque storm drain! I love the pics of Jack and Hamish - he looks a lovely little chap. Best of luck for your cataract surgery next week.

  3. Lovely pictures to keep. I have just seen two of my grands today and feel better for it, although the knee wasnt so sure, but at least I am driving a bit. I have had one cataract done, the other is slowly growing! Hope you see much much better.


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