Sunday, 2 August 2009

the products of procrastination

Here is a collection of souvenirs which I made a few days ago to replace some which I retrieved from the Gardens shop to take away with me as gifts when I went to Sydney. I should have been photocopying documents, but I was still procrastinating - this was much more interesting. I had also read Weaver's blog where she used up lots of scraps - I can't work out how to link to a particular blog day, but if you follow the link to her home you will be able to scroll and find it!
I used strips of Sari silk and plenty of stitching, then cut up an old Playways sample using a teabag to make the highlight on the front! I have used a painted and ironed tyvek sample from years ago on the front of the other notebook, and I apologise for my photo, I didn't realise I had managed to leave a stray scrap of fibre on it while I was taking the photo.

You will be pleased (maybe) to know that I have at last started on the tedious photocopying!

I was babysitting Hamish yesterday and today and we went for a walk in the Botanic Gardens this morning. I managed to take a photo of this drongo sitting in a tree there. They are fascinating birds, wonderfully acrobatic and with a huge array of different calls.

This small area of the coal garden looked so peaceful.
Now I am off to cook dinner before I sit down to watch a repeat of Foyle's War while I start knitting a shawl to wear over my dress for Stuart's wedding in early October. I have just realised how little time I have left to make the book for them as well as do all these other things.


  1. I'd want to buy at least one of everything of your lovely souvenirs Robin. I think visitors would come just to see them and think the gardens were a bonus! I always wondered what a drongo was - it looks a bit like our crows or jackdaws. We love Foyle's War too and will watch repeats if no new series is forthcoming. The gardens look beautifully relaxing and are a credit to those who keep them that way. I'm sure you'll get everything done in time for the wedding.

  2. I love those things you have made Robin - it is such fun using up scraps and really the sky is the limit in how you do it. Thanks for the mention - but your stuff is far superior - what lets me down is the finishing - I am no good at it.

  3. Procrastinate some more...these are beautiful.

  4. Great bits of procrastination. I seem to be doing things I shouldn't and not finishing what I should.Does that make sense?


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