Sunday, 26 October 2008

this and that

This lovely ATC came from Maggi a couple of days ago, part of the swap organised with our embellishment group. I love all the hand stitching she has added to the embellishing.

This is another little trinket box, but I am really showing you that I am using some of the gorgeous yarns I bought from Dale a few weeks ago, also I have made use of a piece of silk I painted when I did module 1 of Playways course run through The Thread Studio - that was about six years ago! Turned up in my stash when I was looking for something else, and was just what I wanted. I never throw anything away, but I sometimes wonder......................

This photo below is of my two gorgeous grandsons, Alexander and Hamish and Gordon Goodfriend, who is on exchange from a school in Scotland (sorry, I don't know which one). Each child in Alexander's prep class takes Gordon home for a week (dressed in the school uniform and with his own backpack!!). They take photos of Gordon doing different things, and a story is written up about the week's activities (obviously by Mum), including photos. It is all added to the book and at the end of the year Gordon and the book will return to Scotland, and the Australian exchange will come back to Walkerston. I think it is a brilliant way to show small children how other people live their lives. The teacher must have gone to quite a lot of effort to set it all up. There are wonderful photos in the book of Gordon on a cattle property, in the middle of canefields, and on the tractors, as well as at the beach, also the Eisteddfod, and a drag racing night.

To me, this photo really shows a typical Queensland backyard, with two kids running around barefoot, the mango tree in the background and all!


  1. Gorgeous trinket box, and what a treasure from Maggi. Lucky you!

    Your grandsons look like sweeties.

  2. What a beautiful detailed ATC from Maggie and your little trinket box is gorgeous! Your grandchildren look to be having great fun and there's no computer game in sight. Fantastic, imagination and a garden nothing better! xx


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