Monday, 13 October 2008

Embellishing matters

I have done some more embellishing at last. This photo is strips of the silk I dyed some time ago, embellished onto scrim. That was the easy part. Next it had to be backed with vleisofix and made into a mosaic. Now I know why I have never wanted to be a quilter!!! I have never matched up pieces like that and tried to get the colour gradients before, and I don't think I will again for a long time!!

Having said all that, I am quite happy with the sample thus far - I made cords of thinner strips of silk to machine over the squares, and will probably use the piece on the front of a book cover later on. I love the textures created in the silk by the embellisher.

This next piece was some deconstructed knitting on top of foiled felt. I put black chiffon over the top to try to knock back the foil, it was too much for me. I embellished some lace over and then a flower I made with wool tops - interesting experiments, but not sure that is one I would repeat again either ( the deconstructed knitting I mean). I know lots of the other participants weren't happy about knitting, I like knitting, but the finished result is perhaps too bulky for me. That is part of the fun though, isn't it, just trying out different techniques to see what you like.

This sample was worked on kunin felt then heated from the back, and I added the little flower beads for fun. I think that will probably make it to the front cover of a book some time too. I have really enjoyed this course, though I have not finished nearly as much of it as I would like. I have all the books to browse through and try out techniques for years to come so it has been very worthwhile.
The family has settled in at Walkerston, and just love living in a village atmosphere - most things they need: school, supermarket, doctor, library, butcher etc are within a couple of blocks from home. Dougal will be working from his home office for the first few months - his work is mostly done over the internet or phone or with site visits to the mines, so a shopfront is quite unnecessary. We get to see the grand kids at least once a week, how great is that.
I had better stop and type up the minutes from the last committee meeting of the Gardens Friends, I am getting slack, they should have been done nearly a week ago - I was having too much fun with the embellisher!


  1. Hi Robin
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have had a lovely time browsing through yours. What wonderful textile pieces you create. I particularly like your little trinket box, its beautiful! And that knitted embellishment is great, not to heavy for my liking! I love a bit of chunky texture. I shall be visiting you again. xx

  2. Love the colours on your mosaic piece they are so vibrant. I notice you mentioned in your previous blog an ATC that you are going to swap with someone on dale's course, has this all been finalised?

  3. Lovely work, and the mosaic piece is gorgeous!!

  4. I agree about your mosaic piece it looks great, I had awful trouble doing mine and it ended up looking a bit like a dogs breakfast!!


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